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"At MQI we get it! Men search for external beauty first, and then we look inward to see if she possesses the traits that we can't live without. We have 1000's of vetted women from coast to coast that have everything that we as men need to settle down. Browse our photos and contact us now!"
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 Millionaire Matchmaker

Meet Craig Donaldson the President and Founder of Model Quality Introductions. Created in 1993 based on Craig’s personal desire to find his ideal woman for a permanent relationship.  Now, two decades later, MQI is the most sought-after male owned millionaire matchmaker in the nation. It all began as the search to find the perfect partner. He was convinced that the perfect woman for all of us exists. For Craig it was the perfect blend of natural beauty, with sweet disposition, sex appeal yet old fashioned values, class with charming sophistication. If he had this, he would have it all. The search began. After exhausting all the traditional methods of dating, he decided to outsource his search to a professional matchmaking agency. Disappointment quickly set in. Craig discovered that there are no upscale millionaire matchmaking agencies that specialize in both youth and beauty in terms of single women. Sure there are those websites for materialistic women searching for companionship- but he wanted a real relationship. No female millionaire matchmaker understands the needs of discerning male professionals that want to date at an extremely attractive level yet not abandon intelligence, be a bit younger than him, and interested in a committed — not superficial- relationship. Craig has no choice other than to launch his own Executive Matchmaking Services to serve himself and the needs of other accomplished single men. His efforts have created the most successful male-owned upscale matchmaking agency in the country. Over 22 years, MQI has matched over 100,000 couples. They are a specialized agency catering to upscale doctors, attorneys, land developers, hedge fund managers, CEOs and various entrepreneurs.What began as an extremely tedious search for the perfect woman, became the “ultimate search engine for single discriminating men.”




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