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VIP Dating: Understanding the Differences between Type A & Type B Women

Tuesday, April 23rd, 2013

The old adage says: “There is a lid for every pot.” So do you need a little extra help finding yours? Don’t leave finding the right partner strictly to chance. Compatibility is an essential component of a long-lasting, healthy relationship, and Model Quality Introductions can identify this amazing woman.

With the help of a Millionaire Matchmaker who specializes in working with a high-caliber male clientele interested in VIP Dating, you can find that special woman and stop your endless search for love. Do you want to know how to quickly assess the type of women you’ll be compatible with? With top dating services, like the professional matchmakers at Model Quality Introductions, you can learn to spot the differences between the two types of single women and pinpoint the type that will fit best with your lifestyle, desires, and preferences.

VIP Dating: Date Model Type A Women

Dating Model (Type A) women will make for a great, independent girlfriend or wife. Type A ladies usually come from solid, close-knit families, have good upbringings, and a strong support system. These are the girls who are straight “A” students in school, involved in many extracurricular activities, and get into top notch colleges. About seventy-five percent of Type A women are using their degrees in their professions. They pursue higher education, and focus on their careers intently. They are responsible women who work regular hours, pay their bills, and rarely stay for a second drink at happy hour. Type A women are independent, smart, and hope to meet a man who respects their brains and beauty. They are classically beautiful and tend to err more on the conservative side when it comes to fashion. Type A women are looking for a traditional relationship. They want to marry, have children, and move into a big house in the suburbs with a white picket fence. They make their own money-usually 50-150K, and they do not need a man for support. They are strictly looking for a sincere relationship based upon love, rather than mild attraction and financially security.

VIP Dating: Date Model Type B Women

Dating Model (Type B) women is really fun and exciting. Type B women are very sought after and a challenge to be in a relationship with. Typically being raised with just the mom or the dad, these woman are the more dependent types. Some have been taking care of themselves since age thirteen. They are usually very social, with tons of best friends, and lots of invitations to parties. Type B women are genetically blessed at youth and are very beautiful and sexy. They parlay their looks into an occupation such as modeling, acting, yoga instructing, personal training, real estate, singing, etc. Only twenty-five percent of Type B women go to college. If you are used to dating models, you know they aren’t always the most practical people. They don’t want to work for twenty dollars an hour, and since their gigs are not steady, they will look to a man for financial help. She typically makes 2500/month but her bills are 3500/month. She relies on a partner to help makeup the difference. To show their appreciation, she will be willing to take care of you, cook gourmet meals, host dinner parties, travel with you, start a family, and be at your beckon call. With a Type B woman you’ll never have a dull moment. You will have a swing from the chandeliers type romance.

Contact us at the nations top dating services, Model Quality Introductions, today and start dating beautiful, single model type women tomorrow. Tell us if you fancy type A or type B as Model Quality Introductions has exactly what you are looking for.

VIP Matchmaking: What Every Man Must Know About Dating a “10”

Monday, April 15th, 2013

So you want to date a “10”, join the club! All men love to date beautiful women, but even the most eligible single millionaires can’t date the most high caliber women if they go at it alone.

Take Steve, a 51 year single executive and real estate developer, for instance.  Before becoming a client of the nation’s most successful millionaire matchmaker, Model Quality Introductions, Steve tried online dating because he didn’t have the time nor interest in meeting women at bars. He found the process frustrating, as the women he was most interested in would take days of weeks to get back to him—if they answered his emails at all. He was particularly interested in Gabriela, a twenty-eight year old fitness model, but she never answered his emails on One of Steve’s single executive friends suggested he try VIP matchmaking instead of wasting his time with online dating sites. Since Steve wanted to save time in his quest to date beautiful women, he decided to sign on with Model Quality Introductions.

He immediately saw the benefit of his investment in VIP Matchmaking for upscale single affluent professionals. This was the best way to start dating model type women, but also maintain his privacy while doing it.  Executive dating, he always felt a bit uncomfortable about the possibility of his colleagues, clients, and competitors, seeing his profile on an online dating site. He liked the confidentiality that upscale dating service provides. He felt comfortable with our VIP matchmaking company that has expertise in working with affluent single men just like him. From the start, it was clear that his matchmaker was intuitive and knowledgeable. She was efficient and skilled at screening women for him. Still, Steve had no idea just how much he’d benefit from his relationship with Model Quality Introductions until about two months in.

To his amazement, this VIP Matchmaking service actually introduced him to his first new girlfriend, Gabriela! He didn’t even realize it was her he was set up with, until he got on the date! Without this millionaire matchmaker, Gabriela wouldn’t have given him the time of day! She had read his emails, but had 300 other single millionaires, some with much better photos than Steve had, pursuing her. Steve’s profile did not stand out to her and she was turned off by the generic sounding email he sent her. Gabriela is a solid 10. Like many 10’s, she simply passed him by, until Model Quality Introductions suggested she have dinner with him. Her matchmaker wholeheartedly recommended that she meet Steve, and she trusted her judgment. She felt very comfortable meeting Steve, as her matchmaker was able to confirm everything about him including his age, height, and career. As the story ends, Gabriela and Steve totally glad that he took the chance.

Moral of the story:  If you want to date a “10”, the competition is fierce, whether you are dating online or offline. To increase your chances of standing out from the single rich men you are competing with, get your own matchmaking cheerleader. Try VIP Matchmaking to meet women efficiently and effortlessly. Call us today at (866) Models-4 and meet beautiful, quality women you desire tomorrow.

VIP Dating: How to Maximize Looks

Monday, April 1st, 2013

Single men interested in VIP dating must spend a fair amount of time on creating an attractive presentation for their dates. If you’d like to date a model or just meet a beautiful woman through top dating services, you must make sure that you maximize your appearance for success. To be attractive to women, you need not buy a whole new wardrobe, but focus on a few areas and improve what you already may have. The idea is to look like you, only better! You want to appear polished and well groomed. Here are four areas to focus on.

Your physique

Your body is a temple. If you date a model, you can bet that she will do everything in her power to stay fit and toned. It is important that you stay in shape as well; if you are pale, get a tan, whether it is natural or a spray tan. Watch your diet and make sure you get enough exercise. (This can be easier to do when dating models, because she will always help her partner with his health and fitness goals.) Join a health club and hit the gym hard with a personal trainer several times a week to maximize your results. Dating agencies do not like to take on clients who are overweight; so if you want a true VIP dating experience, work on your body, and take pride in looking the best that you can.

Your grooming habits

A polished appearance is crucial for VIP dating, and it is all about good grooming. Skin care is essential, and it doesn’t have to be complicated or time consuming. Use a dermatologist- recommended cleanser and moisturizing lotion that keeps your skin hydrated.  Shave regularly and use a clean blade and quality products. To prevent age spots and wrinkles, drink plenty of water and wear a sun screen. If your teeth are discolored, get them professionally whitened. If they are uneven, get veneers. If you wear glasses, make sure they are thin rimmed, designer frames. If you are serious about dating models, consider wearing contacts or getting Lasik surgery to improve your appearance as well.

Your hair

Hair speaks volumes, so make the most of what you have. If your hair is really short, grow it out. If it is long, give it a proper trim. Make sure you get a good cut from a professional stylist or barber before attempting VIP dating.  Changing your color is not something you should attempt on your own. Visit a salon and get expert advice on styles and the products you should use for the best results. Keep using the products you buy to keep your hair looking its best. If you are losing your hair, do something about it—whether you try hair restoration to get it back to what it used to be or just shave it off completely; look the best you can for VIP dating.

Your clothing

Toss your old favorites and put together three super strong outfits for VIP dating. Get some help from a personal shopper or a trusted friend to find out what looks and colors work best on you.  Do not buy anything that does not fit properly or can’t be tailored. Choose colors that go with your skin tone and styles that are contemporary. To guarantee that you feel confident and look cool, don’t wear your three outfits anywhere other than dates. This is important for executive matchmaking to work for you.