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A Selective Search To Find The Perfect Partner

Monday, September 21st, 2015

When it comes to falling in love, sometimes age can just be a number. Have you ever thought about a selective search to find an attractive, mature man? If you desire real long term dating or even marriage, consider going out with a successful guy who is a little bit older…someone that has already “made it”. Mature and successful guys do not hang out in the younger singles scene so finding the right guy can be challenging. A matchmaking agency like Model Quality Introductions can provide a selective search and offer the perfect opportunity for you to meet this type of gentleman whom you wouldn’t encounter outside of work or the golf course on your own. One of the best ways to increase your chances of finding love and having a fulfilling relationship is to give a mature guy a try. Already have kids? Willing to trade a few years in age not to have to struggle any further? If so, here are some good reasons to consider dating a little older.

Why Women Should Date Mature Men

When a single woman needs a selective search to find the perfect guy, she calls Model Quality Introductions. We take over the role as her millionaire matchmaker in her quest for love. A selective search for the right introduction is just a matter of discussing the age range that your comfortable dating up too, and the lifestyle you envision for yourself. At Model Quality Introduction, we encourage beautiful ladies in our database to be open-minded about their age range and match criteria. A selective search identifies long term and potential marriage partners to successful, affluent, and relationship-oriented men. Fall in love with a guy with a beautiful home, a guy who can take time off for exotic vacations, someone that doesn’t have to worry about making enough money to support you and your child. What type of guy is this? Try dating and falling in love with someone fifteen to twenty years older. We truly believe the women at our matchmaking agency will increase their chances of success in finding love and happiness with us as their selective search coach. Here are the following reasons why you should date mature:

Older men know how to treat a lady.

With age come experience, and the more dating and relationship experience that you’ve had, the better suited you are for understanding the opposite sex. Mature men know how to treat a lady. They have learned what women want and don’t want in a selective search and are more comfortable dating and having relationships with younger counterparts. Mature men have more disposable income, and are more generous with women—even early on in the relationship. Our matchmaking service at Model Quality Introductions specializes in mature men seeking loving committed relationships with sweet women 10-20 years younger. This type of man who knows how to prioritize your comfort and happiness—from the dining room to the bedroom.

Mature men are more fun to date because they are confident.

With age, men become more secure in many aspects of their life. They feel good in their own skin and can focus on making you feel good in yours. They are established in their careers and do not have to worry about focusing on trivial work, they have already made their money. They have more free time than younger men, and they want to spend it with you! A selective search through a matchmaking service like Model Quality Introductions will introduce you to men that already know the best restaurants, can choose beautiful gifts, and will fly you around the world with them on their adventures. Confidence that only a man with life experience can exude, and this makes him very sexy!

Older men will commit to you.

Unlike younger men who need to date around to sow their wild oats and believe in the grass is greener theory, mature men already know your value the minute they meet you! They’ve already lived through the heartache of a divorce and will know right away if you are someone they could spend the rest of their life with instead of waiting years to realize how important you are. It’s better to be a mature man’s darling than a young man’s fool.  You won’t have to waste your time, energy, and youth on a man who doesn’t know how valuable you are. Let’s do a selective search for you and date a little older through our millionaire matchmaking agency…and you too can end in a fairytale!

How to Disclose That You Want Her to Sign a Prenup

Wednesday, September 16th, 2015

There aren’t many things that can be more of a “buzz kill” to a happy couple than talk of a prenuptial agreement. However, prenups are a smart and popular choice for many men who meet their future wives with our without a millionaire matchmaker. To protect yourself just in case your marriage fails, follow the advice below to keep your relationship in tact in the meantime.

Choose the right time to initiate the consideration.
When it comes to success in relationships, timing is everything. While there is no perfect time to bring up a controversial issue to your partner, some “times” are better than others. You should let her know that you would like to talk about a prenup before you propose marriage. If you bring it up after you are already engaged, she may feel resentful or even regret having said yes to marriage. You should initiate the prenup conversation as soon as you are seriously considering marriage.  Bring it up when you are feeling confident about her investment in the relationship. Of course, find a time when your partner isn’t stressed, is in a good mood, and isn’t, to the best of your knowledge, mad at you for anything!

Act like a prenup’s no big deal and that you are just following pre-marital protocol.
As our good millionaire matchmakers will tell you, there are plenty of topics a couple should discuss before they decide to tie the knot. At our matchmaking agency, Model Quality Introductions, we would recommend that you talk about everything from having children and how many, and how often, and where you will live, and how you’ll manage your assets. So get your girlfriend of that mindset. Let her know that you feel discussing a prenup is as commonplace as going to premarital counseling or revising your estate plan. Bonus if you could bring it up within pre-marital counseling! Don’t let her think that there is anything about her that makes you want a prenup. If she thinks you’d want a prenup with any woman you met-whether through a matchmaking agency or off the street-she will be less likely to take it personally.

Find a way to show her that you will be generous throughout the marriage and afterward.
To a woman, the idea that you want to withhold anything from her is unromantic and far from ideal. Understand that she is marrying you, in part, because she wants to feel taken care of. If you want to make her feel better, display your generosity before or soon after you initiate the prenup conversation. Yes, you can buy her gifts. Perhaps, you can even take her to your estate planner so that she knows she would not be left empty-handed if you were to pass away first. These ideas along with your own will make this process much easier and protect both of you ever after.

Should you marry a “10”?

Wednesday, September 2nd, 2015

You see her across the room at the bar. She’s the girl who has turned every head in the room. She has grown men losing their wits as they line up attempting to buy her next drink. She can’t go anywhere without someone telling her how stunning she is. She’s the dream girl in the database of a millionaire matchmaker. Every woman wants to be her. Every guy wants to date her.

But should you marry her?

There’s good news and bad news about relationships with extremely attractive women. If you are dating “a 10” who has inner beauty to match her gorgeous looks, proposing marriage may initially seem like a no-brainer. The truth is, marrying “the total package” has pros and cons. They are as follows:


Your wife will always be the hottest woman you know.
If she’s more than just a pretty face, you will probably always be very sexually attracted to her—maybe even less likely to stray.

You will gain instant respect.
Because your wife is also the hottest woman everyone else knows, people will automatically assume you are either rich, or really something special.

You will feel like you won the prize.
Ridiculously good looking woman have ridiculously high standards.  They know what they want and are used to men giving it to them. They are accustomed to upscale dating. They expect to be treated extremely well. If you go through all the hoops your wife requires, hopefully she will love and appreciate you like crazy.


Your wife will want diamonds and jewels—on the regular.
Being beautiful doesn’t come cheap, and neither does marrying her! Expect to foot the bill for everything from manicures and pedicures, to Botox, to designer handbags, to the penthouse suite at luxury hotels around on travel. If you do not provide this, a dozen men will line up behind you and will offer it. Because your “10” may have relied more on her looks than her wits, she may have taken on a low-paying, or p/t job that has given her more debt to deal with. As a millionaire matchmaker we can find her, but do you want to keep a woman like this for the long term?

This beauty is younger and may still love to party.
Most men who get into relationships with “10s” through our matchmaking agency are dating women at least ten to twenty years younger. It is often the case that these beautiful, young women are social butterflies. You may have sought out a matchmaking service because you were over the bar scene, but if you are married to a “10”, bar-hopping, night clubs, galas, and heavy socializing may reenter your lifestyle. Are you prepared for this.

Your wife will attract a lot of unwanted attention.
There will be countless men with their eyes on your wife at any given time. This could lead to insecurity, jealously, drama, and fights. Hopefully, your wife will have dated her share of men before she marries you, so she won’t feel like she’s missing out on anyone. Even so, it can be difficult to know that everywhere you go there are men trying to steal your woman away! When you sit down with our matchmaking agency we will discuss the pros and cons of 8’s, 9’s, and 10’s.