3 Ways to Keep Her Interested Between Dates

Men with considerable dating experience who are looking for serious relationships know the dating “norms”. They know they aren’t supposed to talk about ex’s, religion, or politics on a first date even when they are interested in exclusive dating.  They also know they aren’t supposed to sleep with a woman too soon. You knew that, right? Sometime after the first few dates, things can get a little complicated for men who want to date beautiful women.  Being in a romantic relationship with a woman who gets her share of attention from single rich men is kind of like a dance. You move forward; she moves back. She moves forward; you step back. Then you go in circles again and again. Ever feel like the closer you pursue a woman the more she distances herself?  If you are like most professional singles interested in exclusive dating, you don’t have time for silly games. Single affluent men who are members of Model Quality Introductions have a genuine interest in creating and maintaining a healthy and happy long-term relationship.  You know you have a lot to offer and wonder why it is so difficult to keep a woman interested in between dates. Fortunately, there is a solution that will increase your chances of transitioning into exclusive dating with the woman of your choice, and it all comes down to your skills and communication. Without a doubt, effectively communicating is a skill you must master if you want to date beautiful women. Therapists repeatedly state that one of the most common reasons for relationship failures in exclusive dating and in marriage is a breakdown in communication. What you do in the early stages of dating sets the tone for the future of the relationship to come, and has a lot to do with keeping a woman’s interest in the long run. Here are three communication tips for exclusive dating: Exclusive Dating Communication Tip #1: Find the right frequency. As communication is the key to any successful relationship, it is necessary to keep the momentum going between dates. A lot of men make mistakes and discount the need for communication between dates. They send generic sounding text messages and emails during the workday that either bother or bore women. Some don’t call at all and give women the impression that they only care about themselves when they are with them or when sex is a possibility. Others call too much and seem overeager and much too desperate to be taken seriously. Exclusive Dating Communication Tip #2: Strike a balance: Conversations in between dates are mandatory. Conversations where the only person talking is you, is not. Talking too much sends the message that you are self-centered and not interested in the woman. Give her a chance to share interesting facts and personal anecdotes with you. Ask her about her workday, what the highlight of her week was, or what her plans for the weekend are. Ask questions that reflect a genuine interest. Exclusive Dating Communication Tip # 3: Be honest: For truly successful relationships, the nature of your dialogue should always be based on the truth. Romantic relationships will flourish when both partners are able to share their innermost feelings and thoughts about themselves and each other. Some men don’t think they can share everything from the beginning and put on a front that comes off sometimes as fake or disingenuous. They try to conceal their feelings, but trying too hard is never flattering. Be yourself and let conversations flow in a relaxed manner.

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