5 Dating Tips For Men

Whether you’re a man in a serious relationship or a man just venturing back into the dating jungle, there are some common rules to follow. These tips will prepare you for success and take the pressure off so you’ll enjoy the process of getting to know your date. Aside from the basic common sense advice like don’t discuss your ex-wife during the first date, and don’t drink too much, here are my top tips for men. 1) Look and Feel Your Best– Women can be just as visual as men on a first date. Besides looking at your face and posture, women always tell me that they notice a man’s shoes and his watch. Remember to dress how you want to be perceived. If you want a woman to perceive you as upscale, make sure you dress in an upscale manner. If your wardrobe needs updating, do it. Sometimes the clothes do make the man. A woman will think, “If he can’t take care of himself, how is he going to take care of me?” Next, go and get a great haircut. Finally, if you haven’t changed your cologne in years, consider getting a great smelling scent. Remember, our olfactory sense if our strongest and women love men who smell fresh and clean. Aqua de Gio and CK1 were among the favorites selected by women for 2011, 2) Stop Talking and Start Listening– You want to keep your date interested but don’t do more than 20% of the talking. She will bore of you quickly because she wants to talk about herself too. The more you can entice a woman to talk about herself, the more comfortable she will become with you. You may simply have to say, “Tell me more…”. Listen to things she tells you about herself and remember them. She will be very impressed when you later remember things she told you. This is one way to ensure a second date. 3) Never Expect Sex on a First Date– If all you are after is sex, you have come to the wrong place. If you are looking for the woman of your dreams, there is nothing sexier than a patient man. You are easily capable of waiting for the right woman and she will want you more as she sees that you don’t push for that and genuinely want to get to know her. 4) Discuss Interests Outside of Your Career– Most women want to be with a man who is interesting and enjoys personal growth. It is fine to show her that you are passionate about what you do. However, balance it with the other things you enjoy doing when it’s time for relaxation and fun. 5) Always Pay by Credit Card It’s clean, simple, and easy. No counting out dollars. Do not study the bill for accuracy. Don’t even look at it. Simply toss your credit card in, and lay it on the table. This small action says, “I’m having a good time, I’m generous, I don’t care how much the bill is because I can afford it and you are worth it”. This is non-verbal communication that women pick up on and will score you major points.

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