5 Signs of Relationship-Worthy Women

In this modern world of dating, there are basically two types of women that’s affluent single men can meet. There is the woman who is dating for the purposes of finding a serious relationship, and the woman who is dating wealthy men just to have fun and be pampered. The first is looking for exclusive dating, while the second might be looking for anything from a fun filled evening to a causal relationship with a guy who knows how to be a sugar daddy. If you are like most wealthy men datingyou do not want to be mislead about a woman’s intentions. If you wish to meet a quality woman for a relationship and eventual marriage, don’t waste your money and time on the wrong women. Date only those who are ready for exclusive dating. Here are five signs of relationship-worthy women who are ready for commitment: She’s comfortable with herself A single woman who is worthy of a relationship is one who is comfortable in her own skin. She maintains good health and is in shape. She doesn’t have any issues with body image, drugs, or alcohol. She can be generous with her time and her emotions. She is happy with her life as it is. Sure, she would like to meet single rich men as much as the next girl, but if the opportunity does not arise she is perfectly content to spend time solo or with friends. She doesn’t want to “play the field” Most women are monogamous by nature, yet there are times in their life where they don’t want to settle down with anyone at that exact moment. Maybe they are young and just want to have fun, or have recently come out of a long term relationship and want to “see what’s out there.” There are women of all ages who love the singles scene and enjoy upscale dating with several men, as well as women who are emotionally unavailable because they still have feelings toward their recent ex’s. All of these women are poor candidates for exclusive dating. She’s happy with her career or is ready to be wife and mom. A woman’s identity is sometimes based on what she does for a living.  If she isn’t settled with her career, she may not want to be involved in exclusive dating. Many women today grew up with the message that they should find a career first and a man second. Whether she is too preoccupied with work or has no idea what she wants to do, she has not achieved balance in her work life and she won’t have balance in her personal life. She’s ready for exclusive dating if she’s content with her career or is open to give it up completely to be a housewife. She likes to make a man happy A relationship worthy woman will show you that your happiness is a priority to her. She’ll look her best when you go out whether it is your second date or second year together. She’ll wear the dress she knows you like and stock her apartment with all your favorite snacks when you come over. She’ll give you thoughtful cards and gifts on holidays and make you feel special every day. As the relationship gets more serious, she may impress you by putting in effort to get to know your friends and family. She’ll listen to the story about your bad day and will always respect your opinion. She’ll want to show you her world If a woman sees a future with you, she will think about the big picture and want to integrate you in all areas of her life. If she has a close relationship with her parents, she will want their approval too. Be prepared for double dates with her friends and their boyfriends, as well as her showing you off at her company party. If she has children from a previous relationship, she will want to introduce them to you when the time is right. If she is interested in exclusive dating for the long term, she will always find a way to fit you into her world.

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