What a Picture is Worth- Advice for Women

Happy 2011! If you are determined to make your relationship dreams a reality this year, you need to get in front of your target audience. This week, I’m going to give women some advice on an often overlooked factor.  For over 16 years, I’ve set myself apart as the Male Millionaire Matchmaker by recruiting beautiful women at large for the gentlemen at my agency. Men are all visual, especially successful wealthy ones. Ladies, if you were applying for a new job, you wouldn’t show up in a mini-skirt with your hair in a ponytail and expect to be hired, right? Even if you were the most qualified, well-educated, and intelligent person, you certainly wouldn’t be hired. When it comes to succeeding in relationships, the same principles apply. Before you ever get a chance at meeting amazing men, you have to present yourself in a way that will make a man notice you. As I review applications, I form a first impression quickly. It may or may not be accurate, but that is all I have to go on other than your brief description. Since I am keenly aware of what my male clientele are seeking, a poor photograph or none at all will surely eliminate you. Professional photographs are certainly not necessary. I always encourage submitting a great full body shot that displays your proportions in a flattering way. If you submit a face photo, you want to look happy and approachable. Smile, and try to accomplish a look of the sexy girl next door. Another pitfall to avoid is the “work” look. Remember, you are trying to attract the opposite sex. Having your hair pulled back, glasses on, and sitting at your computer is not your most flattering look. Of course you have to pay your rent, but this will not get you a call for a consultation in any one of my matchmaking offices. I always advise women to have their hair down and makeup tastefully done, regardless of what outfit you have on. Men like women who embrace their femininity. So, in a nutshell before you can get a chance at meeting the man of your dreams who loves your dog, takes amazing vacations, treats you like a princess, and loves all your silly quirks, you have to get his attention. Unless you like compromising your safety and meeting strangers on-line, take the time to take a few good photos. It could change your life forever.

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