The Three Best Upscale Dating Ideas

Let’s be honest: All dates are not created equal! Some are far better than others—not only because of who you are with, but because of what you are doing when you are with them. Some single rich men go above and beyond in planning dates. They do their research, take care of all the details, and bring a whole new meaning to upscale dating. Others just make a reservation at their go-to neighborhood restaurant. If you want to date beautiful women, don’t even think about the latter. Whether you meet a beautiful woman through a Millionaire matchmaker or in line at the supermarket, you’ve got to put in effort when planning a great date just to compete with all the other affluent single men chasing her. In order to make the best first impressions, consider the three best upscale dating ideas: Upscale Dating Idea # 1Dinner You can’t go wrong with fine dining at a trendy restaurant that has a good reputation and rating. Look for a spot with a romantic view–whether of the water or of a city skyline. Choose a restaurant that is in close proximity to many other great date spots where you could go afterward for dessert or a drink. You’ll want to be in the “right” part of town. For example, downtown spots are usually considered hipper and trendier among New Yorkers. (But if your date lives uptown and she prefers somewhere convenient, choose the best restaurant for upscale dating in her neighborhood.) The ambiance is very important-the place should be quiet enough for conversation over dinner and drinks-but the restaurant must have excellent food too! Pick one that is dimly let over bright and obnoxious. Upscale Dating Idea # 2: Events When you are looking to impress a woman with more than just a meal, know the secret other upscale single men know: Unique events are always the way to go. If you really want to take her on some VIP dates, get admission to exclusive events and parties that attract a high-profile affluent singles and celebrity clientele. Make arrangements so you can cut the line and get one of the best tables in the house. If you aren’t into “the scene” you can try a cultural event like a gallery opening, Broadway play, or concert. If all else fails, you can always go to the Opera. Upscale Dating Idea # 3: Excursions If you want to do something really special and non-traditional that will set you apart from other affluent single men, you can plan an excursion type-date. Such dates are exciting, facilitate chemistry, and always make for a good story; however, they might not make the best first dates if you don’t know the woman well enough. (This is especially true if you are planning an activity that can give her a bit of performance anxiety, involves heights, or deserted areas!) Some ideas for excursions include taking her to an amusement park, on a yacht or cruise, in a jet, or up on a hot air balloon. You should definitely prepare some delicious snacks and meals, as it may be an all-day affair. You can always have a picnic too—with a little wine, cheese, and a comfy blanket! Show her a hidden romantic gem, and sparks will be flying.

The Wish List- Helpful or Hinderance?

Today I want to talk about “The List”. Most single men and women have one, and it can be pretty elaborate. The question is does your list identify whats really important to you in a life partner, or does your list describe someone who doesn’t exist in reality? Knowing what you want is certainly helpful in narrowing down the pool of people you want to meet. Making a list also helps you determine your “must haves” and “nice to haves”.  Sometimes, however, the list can be more of an obstacle than a useful screening tool.  Often, I hear requirements that are so unrealistic that I don’t know if I should laugh out loud or cry because that client is destined to be single. For example, women are often looking for men who are highly successful and ambitious, yet they don’t want them to spend the time it takes to have that super successful life. Women also fantasize about a strong man who will also love to talk about feelings and go shopping with them. And then there are men who want the supermodel type woman, of which we have plenty, but she must look flawless without makeup, have an Ivy League degree or two, and not be high maintenance. Now, I’m not saying all of these things are mutually exclusive but you must be realistic. Real people aren’t perfect. Obviously there must be chemistry. It is either there or it isn’t. You cannot manufacture it. Chemistry and attraction are critical. Once those are met, we need to look at other things. Do you share common life goals and have similar ideas about family? Do you share an active lifestyle or desire to travel? How is their communication style? Make sure that your list” encompasses important values and attributes that are more than skin deep. As a client of MQI, you will be introduced to the most beautiful single women in the nation. They are all hand-picked and looking to meet commitment minded men. Our matchmakers will review with you what is important on the inside as well as the outside of the women we introduce you to.  We help you flesh out what has been working for you and where we can make suggestions that will help you start a great relationship sooner.  So, whether you are working with us now or plan on in the near future, take a closer look at your list.

Secret Tips to Exclusive Dating With Affluent Single Men

In a day and age with more dating options than ever, getting a man to commit to a serious, monogamous, long-term relationship can be quite the challenge. Most women have no problem attracting men, but finding those affluent single men who’ll stick around for the happily-ever-after is not as easy as one might think. Can you relate? If you understand and apply the following three secret tips to exclusive dating with affluent single men, you may just change your luck in the romance department! Identify the signs of affluent single men who are ready for Exclusive dating They are certain types of upscale single men who might be fun for casual dating but do not make ideal candidates for a serious relationship. If exclusive dating is what you truly desire, you’ll have to avoid involvement with men who are emotionally unavailable, still have relationships with exes, and have issues with addictions or commitment. Other single men who aren’t ready for exclusive relationships may include those who are not settled in terms of their careers or their finances. Alternately, you might meet the single executive who is too preoccupied with work. Although you may be attracted to many things about the men that fall into these categories, do not date them with the hope that they will change. It will be a waste of your time when you find out that they won’t. Ultimately, you will learn that it is best to date single rich men who contact an agency like Model Quality Introductions because they are at the stage in life when they are ready to settle down.  Through us, you will meet men who are generous with their time, money, and emotions. Maintain a little bit of mystery It is not wise to play hard to get especially with single rich men who are likely to date beautiful women all the time and have many options to choose from. However, it is a good idea to actually be a little hard to get, to appeal to such upscale single men as they like a challenge. To be a challenge you can’t give up everything too soon. Whether you share stories about your past relationships or disclose that your personal mission is to marry a millionaire, you will be giving him too much information. You should not tell a man everything about yourself upfront, because men like mysterious women.  It is best to leave some things to his imagination, especially when it comes to intimacy. There is something to be said for making a man wait. If you give him something to look forward to, and appeal to him on an emotional level, he will be more likely to consider you for long-term exclusive dating. Give affluent single men incentive to commit to A lot of women make the mistake of initiating “the talk” when they decide they want exclusive dating with a single millionaire they are dating. Unfortunately, you can’t verbally convince a man that he should commit to you, let alone a millionaire who can have who he wants. If you make him feel pressured, commitment will be the last thing on his mind. When you want a man all to yourself, it is best to follow the old adage that says actions speak louder than words.  Your goal is to show him why he should commit by making him see that you are an amazing woman who adds value to his life. This is especially important when it comes to dating wealthy men who have tons of options in their love lives. You have to show a man that you have a life outside him-which may even include friendships with other men-to give him an incentive to fight for you. It doesn’t hurt to give him a visual reminder every now and then by getting all dressed up when you go out so that you’ll receive admiring glances from other men. This will remind him that there other wealthy singles who’d love to date a woman like you. By being a great girlfriend who understands him, listens to him, and cares for him unconditionally, he’ll see that you add great value to his life. If you can make a man feel truly supported and loved, he’ll be thrilled to commit. He might even think that the idea was his in the first place! Best Regards, Craig Donaldson President Model Quality Introductions (866) 663-3574

One Thing Guaranteed to Turn Her On

Have you ever wondered why some men consistently attract beautiful women? It isn’t your cologne, convertible sports car, or even your muscular build that that will make her want to get closer. The truth is that women are attracted to certain personality traits and they flock to men who possess them. One of the best effects  you can have on a woman is to get her laughing. Yes, having a sense of humor and the ability to make her laugh is among the most appealing qualities any man can have. If you are a guy that doesn’t naturally have a great sense of humor, you may be at a big disadvantage. However, this is a communication skill that you can develop. The fact is that most men are focused on being polite when they date. They censor themselves excessively and end up being boring in conversation and women see them as lacking an edge. To make a woman laugh, be a little more spontaneous. Look at whatever situation you are in from a fresh perspective and you’ll rapidly turn out to be the funny and creative individual that turns her on. Interesting enough, as you do this you will relax more and feel more confident. Ultimately, humor as a turn on for women is much more than a skill. It is an attitude. When you can make a woman laugh hardily, she sees you as having an attitude of confidence and optimism. And for a woman, that is very sexy.

Model Dating: Professional Matchmaker’s Advice on Intimacy

Couple’s counselors everywhere continuously state that couples fight most about intimacy and money. Model-type women use a Millionaire Matchmaker to meet eligible men that they can rest assured will be an upscale pre-vetted man. However, meeting an affluent single man who is also a great intimate partner could feel a bit more like rolling the dice.  If you use professional dating services, the women you meet will know you are successful in life, so focus on showing them that you’ll click in the bedroom.  Want to date models and set the foundation for a great long term relationship?  Let us show the lady that you are the complete package. Model Dating Tip #1:  Be aware of the “rules”. Some say rules are meant to be broken, but if you are looking to date a model or any beautiful woman, keep the “rules” in mind. To begin with, if you want a serious relationship, do not get intimate on the first date. Although there are exceptions to any rule, sleeping together on the first date will not take you to the altar. It is generally advised that you don’t sleep together before the fifth date minimum. Many men who date models think it is acceptable to get intimate after three dates, but beautiful women make men they are seriously interested in wait longer. They want intimacy to be special with a guy really like. Many beautiful women want to wait until a man has made an emotional investment. This can take five dates or five months, it all depends on the woman, and the nature of the relationship. The number one rule you should follow when dating a model is to wait until the woman is comfortable. If you don’t pressure a woman, she will assume that you care about her, respect her, and see her as part of your future. If you wait too long, you run the risk of being placed in “friend zone”. Model Dating Tip #2: Understand what women want. When it comes to intimacy, the worst thing you can do is be pushy and make advances when a woman is uninterested. Read her body language and see if it is safe to make a move by testing the waters. See how affectionate she is in public. If she seems uncomfortable or unreceptive, slow down. When in doubt, ask her. Mirror her body language. Kiss her the way that she kisses you. Don’t be too aggressive, and if she seems to like whatever you are doing, do it more. If she doesn’t, stop. Model Dating Tip # 3: Prepare for the big night. When the time is finally right, you’ll want to do everything you can to make it special. Have a bottle of champagne chilled. Light candles. Use a hot tub if available.  If you want to date a model, your goal is to make the entire experience her most pleasurable. As Men’s Health suggests in “How to Be a Good Lover”: “A woman wants reassurance that the sexual experience you just shared was important to you. Hold her close, kiss her, and try some light facial massage as you gaze into her eyes.” Go get ‘em, Tiger! Best Regards, Craig Donaldson President Model Quality Introductions (866) 663-3574

Millionaire Dating: Use Your Masculine Energy to Win Over a Woman

First impressions are everything for a man interested in exclusive dating, but as many affluent singlemenknow, you don’t win a woman over on the first date alone. Beautiful women who are used to dating millionaires have been wined and dined. As any Millionaire matchmaker would tell you, you’ll have to do more than just show her a good time if you want to stand out from all the other single rich men chasing her, don’t make the mistake of relaxing your efforts after a great first date. Just because she likes you, doesn’t mean you’ve won her over. If you really want to grab her heart, you have to use your masculine energy to make her feel like a woman—ideally the only woman you have eyes for! Keep in mind a woman who is interested in marrying a millionaire, wants to date successful masculine alpha males who show that they can protect her. To date single models, use your masculine energy to lead, provide, and cherish her feelings. Follow these tips by our upscale matchmaker: Millionaire Dating Tip #1: Ask her out on dates in advance. When a woman is trying to decide if a guy is worthy of exclusive dating, she is watching his every move. Women naturally tend to read into behaviors and relationship dynamics more than men; one thing that is always important to them is whether a man makes them feel special. If a date is planned at the last minute regardless if it is the best high end datingexperience a woman can imagine the guy gets a strike in her mind. She thinks that if a guy wants to be with her, he will ask her out in advance to ensure the date.  It doesn’t matter if he is a busy single executive or millionaire datingwith a ton of time on his hands, if he can’t take the lead and ask her out ahead of time, a woman loses respect. It shows a disregard toward her feelings if you make last minute plans that require little effort. She will doubt how serious you are about her and may even label you as a player. Be smart, and be a man with a plan! Millionaire Dating Tip #2:  Lead the relationship with good communication.   If you are calling, emailing, and texting a woman regularly, it becomes apparent to her that she is a priority to you. A woman knows that if a “real man” is interested, he will make that clear to her.  She knows that there are many men who prefer the convenience of texting, but that if a man has strong feelings, he’ll want to hear a woman’s voice. Show her that you look forward to contact with her. Find every opportunity to respond to her–no matter how busy you may be. If you want exclusive dating, never fail to acknowledge holidays, because they are important to women. If it is a major holiday, and you aren’t with her, you should be calling and sending cards and gifts. Provide her with a sense of security about the relationship by showing that you care. Millionaire Dating Tip #3:  Show her that you want more than sex.   If you’ve been out for a lot of dinner and drinks, switch it up and take her out for lunch in the middle of the day. A woman doesn’t want to feel like the guy she is dating only wants to see her when it is dark out. If you are considering her for exclusive dating, spend time getting to know her in a different context Its silly oversight, but a lot of single rich men don’t think the simple pleasures provide a path to a woman’s heart. They think it is all about upscale dating. It’s NOT! Walk with her in the park, hold her hand in the movie theater, and let her realize how much she likes you when you are just doing simple things. Also, when you compliment her, don’t comment on her body. You can compliment her appearance, but make sure you also tell her you admire her intelligence or enjoy her sense of humor.         Millionaire Dating Tip #4:  Make her feel special when you introduce her to your friends. Nearly all men want their friends to approve of the girl that they are dating, but some make the mistake of making the introduction too soon. If you bring a woman to meet your crew on a first or second date, she won’t feel special. She’ll get the idea that you always date beautiful women and like to show them off to your friends right away. If you wait until she feels confident that you are considering her for the long term, she’ll feel like you want to integrate her into your life. If it becomes clear that you have been talking positively about her to your friends, she will feel flattered. A successful introduction to your friends will make a woman feel you are on the path toward exclusive dating and more.   Millionaire Dating Tip # 5: Go after what you want   A masculine man is aggressive and laser focused on his goal. As a single executive looking for millionaire matchmaking, you know how to get what you want in the workplace. Now, go for the girl! Don’t give her the idea that you don’t want something serious by rushing into sex too soon. But if exclusive datingis what you are after, you will want to sleep with her as soon as she is comfortable. When the time is right, you must initiate sex. Beautiful women know that all guys want to have sex with a woman they are attracted to. If you don’t initiate, she will think you are just platonically interested. You are the man. Make your move!

Interviewing Beautiful Women Isn’t Easy

This post is a funny tale of what it’s like to be the president of the largest upscale matchmaking service for men. In order to find the most beautiful women around the country for my male clients, I often need to travel to screen large groups of women that have been recruited by my staff or have applied for membership. This weekend I flew to my Arizona office to meet with new clients, attend the Barrett Jackson auto auction, and interview a large group of women.  I have been screening women for my Phoenix and Scottsdale gentlemen at a well-known, large hotel in the greater Scottsdale area.  Month after month I have gone into their posh lobby meeting area to meet 10-15 beautiful women at a time. I found the hotel to be a more comfortable setting for everyone, as opposed to meeting in our matchmaking office. The hotel was easy for women to find, had a large beautiful seating area, and it was comfortable for all involved. As always, I interviewed the women in a group setting to see which ones would then be scheduled for matchmaking meetings.  As I finished up my meeting this weekend and answered all the women’s questions, I was approached by the general manager of the hotel. He politely said he needed to speak with me.  He started off saying that he had seen me here month after month meeting with the most attractive women he had ever seen. He said that his curiosity had gotten to him and he had to know what it was I did for a living. After I explained to him all about Model Quality Introductions,  he sheepishly said that he would have to ask me to move my meetings elsewhere because it was causing too much of a stir among all the businessmen and their wives in the hotel.  How funny!

How to Keep The Relationship Exciting

Having a successful relationship doesn’t happen automatically, even if you meet the person who is your perfect match. We all have past experiences and future expectations. Women don’t expect that each date will be more elaborate than the prior one until you are whisking them away to a private island. Women consistently express that it is the little things that keep them attracted and excited to see a man. They appreciate the man who opens their car door, remembers special occasions, and surprises them with flowers when they don’t expect it. Relationships tend to start to suffer when we take our women for granted. If after a few months, you think your relationship is on cruise control, it is time to remind her how special she is to you and treat her like the catch she is. Plan a special date. Take a little getaway, do something spontaneous like leaving a little note. All of these things will help to keep the butterflies and excitement there.  It’s also important to make time to learn a bit about her interests. For example if she likes dancing and you are the world’s worst dancer, she will still adore you for making the effort. Go a little out of your comfort zone and you will reap the rewards.

How To Date Beautiful Women: Using Your Strengths

Without a doubt, many men believe having a beautiful woman is the ultimate status symbol.  The lady on your arm speaks volumes about you. Whether your goal is to tie the knot or simply dating beautiful women, your strategy should be the same.  You’ll have to stand apart from the competition. Hundreds of single rich men are vying for the attention of the very same 5 % of beautiful women you wish to attract.  Luckily, you don’t have to be a GQ model to be dating models or a millionaire to make a woman like you. Sure, these things help, but so does maintaining a polished appearance, being a great date, and sharing a wonderful evening.  If you are serious about your quest to date beautiful women, consider the following. Executive dating appearance: Although women are typically more forgiving when it comes to the appearance of their partner than men are, they prefer a man who is clean cut with an attractive image. The key to creating your image is to minimize your flaws. For example, if you don’t like your nose but have an awesome smile, you can get your teeth whitened to deflect the attention from your nose. A polished appearance will get you noticed. If everyone is wearing sweaters, wear a suit. If everyone is wearing a suit, wear a tux. Get noticed. Stand out for all the right reasons. Be sure you shave regularly, take care for your skin, manicure your nails, and style you hair in a flattering way. Choose clothing made of quality material that is in style and fashionable. Dress like single executives who command respect and power would.  You don’t have to be a slave to fashion, but you do have to stay current with your look if you want to date beautiful women. Be confident in your own skin, and always act like a gentleman.  Having proper manners and following conventional dating etiquette makes you interesting and chivalrous to single models. Be a great date:  To date model type women, take the lead. Women want a guy who will call, not text, to ask them out on a proper date. They appreciate a man with a plan who they are excited to clear their social calendar for.  Thus, you should take time to put together a thoughtful and unique date in advance, going out of your way to make sure the time spent together is special.  If you are going to date beautiful women, choose a venue that has a nice, romantic ambiance, as these are the type of places other upscale single men take her to.  The restaurant should be convenient for your date to travel to. Consider arranging a driver to come pick her up at her home. You should ask her favorite foods and select a restaurant with a good reputation and rating. Make sure that you insist on the best table available.  These are non-negotiables for men who want to date beautiful women. Beautiful single women are used to dating wealthy men who go the extra mile to make them feel comfortable and show them extraordinary experiences. They are used to being wined and dined in good places and chauffeured around town by single millionaires. It is crucial that you put in that type of effort if you want to see a woman again. Paying attention to detail, listening to what she has to say, and giving genuine compliments goes a very long way. Paint a picture of your wonderful lifestyle: A picture is worth a thousand words, and you are going to have to paint one if you want to date beautiful women. The goal is to show and not tell. It wouldn’t hurt to mention a few things that single rich men typically do when they are trying to impress a woman in conversation. A reference to your summer home, car collection, or boat, as well as the dropping of a name or two could work in your favor. Just don’t come across as a braggart. The idea is to show women that you have a lot to offer. If you give them a glimpse of the good life, they’ll be more likely to perceive you as a man who is worth investing time in. If you appeal to their tastes, you’ll have an edge in attracting their attention for the long- term. Best Regards, Craig Donaldson President Model Quality Introductions (866) 663-3574

How To Date a Single Millionaire: What Women Should Wear

If you have your heart set on dating wealthy men, know that finding a good guy who also happens to be a millionaire is not as difficult as you think understand the mindset of single millionaires. While single millionaires are different in many ways, they all have one thing in common. Besides the riches they’ve made; they like to date beautiful women. If they tell you they don’t, they are lying! Sure, they are looking for other qualities as well, but most upscale single men really do have an interest in dating models or women who look like one. Don’t worry, you don’t have to be a supermodel to attract a single millionaire, but you will to have a follow a few rules to catch his eye. Before you run out to buy a whole new wardrobe of clothes and accessories, consider that one of the best things you can wear is a smile! A warm, genuine smile is a sign of happiness, health, and wellness; it is impossible for any man to resist! Rule # 1: A single millionaire likes feminine women. Single rich men are often described as alpha males, as they have power and respect in their circles. They often have busy agendas packed with meetings, business trips, social engagements, and fun activities. They are the men who lead full lives, getting things done in the world by being dominant and aggressive leaders. In other words, they epitomize the typical definition of “manly”. In turn, a single millionaire will like women who act like ladies and are not too masculine in nature. Since men are such visual creatures, portraying the image of a beautiful feminine woman starts with clothing. After all, it is hard to appear masculine in a beautiful long flowing skirt. To attract upscale single men, you should wear feminine clothing such as skirts and dresses made of materials like lace or silk. You can wear cardigans in soft pastels or bold girly colors such as pinks, reds, and purples too. Don’t be afraid of embracing frilly and romantic fashions. In order to have a feminine appearance, you must definitely develop an understanding of which colors go together and which clash with your appearance. Feminine women have an innate talent for choosing beautiful clothing. Rule # 2: A single millionaire likes a sexy woman. To increase your chances of capturing the attention of affluent single men, you’ve got to get in touch with your sexy side. Every woman has one, whether she wears clothing that just hints at sexuality or emulates the ultimate sex kitten! Looking sexy is not necessarily about wearing skin tight clothing or having overflowing cleavage, but about being confident in whatever you wear. However, you should never underestimate the power of skinny jeans or a push-up bra. Wear them regularly to turn the heads of wealthy singles. Speaking of heads, if yours doesn’t house long, thick, locks, consider getting hair extensions, because single rich men love long hair. Make sure your clothes are flattering for your body type and that you aren’t breaking any obvious fashion no-nos. If your sleeves are too long or your waist is not showing, you should definitely get yourself to a tailor and find a cool belt that will highlight your waist. You want pieces that are form-fitting and show off your figure. (Bonus points in the sexy department if you have an hour glass shape!) If you have great legs, wear a mini skirt; if you have amazingly sculpted shoulders, wear a halter top. The key to being sexy is to maximize your assets and minimize your flaws so that you always feel sexy. When you feel sexy, you look sexy. When you look sexy, upscale single men will notice. Best Regards, Craig Donaldson President Model Quality Introductions (866) 663-3574