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A Selective Search To Find The Perfect Partner

Monday, September 21st, 2015

When it comes to falling in love, sometimes age can just be a number. Have you ever thought about a selective search to find an attractive, mature man? If you desire real long term dating or even marriage, consider going out with a successful guy who is a little bit older…someone that has already “made it”. Mature and successful guys do not hang out in the younger singles scene so finding the right guy can be challenging. A matchmaking agency like Model Quality Introductions can provide a selective search and offer the perfect opportunity for you to meet this type of gentleman whom you wouldn’t encounter outside of work or the golf course on your own. One of the best ways to increase your chances of finding love and having a fulfilling relationship is to give a mature guy a try. Already have kids? Willing to trade a few years in age not to have to struggle any further? If so, here are some good reasons to consider dating a little older.

Why Women Should Date Mature Men

When a single woman needs a selective search to find the perfect guy, she calls Model Quality Introductions. We take over the role as her millionaire matchmaker in her quest for love. A selective search for the right introduction is just a matter of discussing the age range that your comfortable dating up too, and the lifestyle you envision for yourself. At Model Quality Introduction, we encourage beautiful ladies in our database to be open-minded about their age range and match criteria. A selective search identifies long term and potential marriage partners to successful, affluent, and relationship-oriented men. Fall in love with a guy with a beautiful home, a guy who can take time off for exotic vacations, someone that doesn’t have to worry about making enough money to support you and your child. What type of guy is this? Try dating and falling in love with someone fifteen to twenty years older. We truly believe the women at our matchmaking agency will increase their chances of success in finding love and happiness with us as their selective search coach. Here are the following reasons why you should date mature:

Older men know how to treat a lady.

With age come experience, and the more dating and relationship experience that you’ve had, the better suited you are for understanding the opposite sex. Mature men know how to treat a lady. They have learned what women want and don’t want in a selective search and are more comfortable dating and having relationships with younger counterparts. Mature men have more disposable income, and are more generous with women—even early on in the relationship. Our matchmaking service at Model Quality Introductions specializes in mature men seeking loving committed relationships with sweet women 10-20 years younger. This type of man who knows how to prioritize your comfort and happiness—from the dining room to the bedroom.

Mature men are more fun to date because they are confident.

With age, men become more secure in many aspects of their life. They feel good in their own skin and can focus on making you feel good in yours. They are established in their careers and do not have to worry about focusing on trivial work, they have already made their money. They have more free time than younger men, and they want to spend it with you! A selective search through a matchmaking service like Model Quality Introductions will introduce you to men that already know the best restaurants, can choose beautiful gifts, and will fly you around the world with them on their adventures. Confidence that only a man with life experience can exude, and this makes him very sexy!

Older men will commit to you.

Unlike younger men who need to date around to sow their wild oats and believe in the grass is greener theory, mature men already know your value the minute they meet you! They’ve already lived through the heartache of a divorce and will know right away if you are someone they could spend the rest of their life with instead of waiting years to realize how important you are. It’s better to be a mature man’s darling than a young man’s fool.  You won’t have to waste your time, energy, and youth on a man who doesn’t know how valuable you are. Let’s do a selective search for you and date a little older through our millionaire matchmaking agency…and you too can end in a fairytale!

The Upside of Marriage The Second Time Around

Sunday, August 2nd, 2015

No one gets married hoping for a divorce, but the reality is that more than half of marriages fail today. As anyone who has ever used a dating service can tell you, there are plenty of divorced singles in the market for remarriage who would make truly great spouses. Sometimes the second time around is much better. Here are some of the top reasons why you should be excited about tying the knot again.

  1. 1. You are more prepared to deal with the challenges of married life.
    With a first marriage, you may have been young and/or naïve about the trials and tribulations that come with being someone’s husband or wife. After having a marriage under your belt, you are older, wiser, and more realistic about the work involved to have a successful partnership. You know that you can’t expect your partner to change. You have learned that you both need to take responsibility for the relationship or it will fail. You have surely developed skills in your first marriage than can help you deal with your second when the going gets tough.
  1. 2. You are a lot more selective about the person you will marry.
    While it is important to be open-minded to find true love, it is just as important to have an idea of what you want and don’t want in a relationship. Thanks to your first marriage, you have a more refined relationship palate. So, chances are, if you hire a dating agency, they will facilitate the process of finding the right match. When you are in the market to remarry, you have a deeper understanding of the qualities you like and dislike in a future partner. You have already learned which qualities you must have, which qualities you can dismiss, and which qualities are deal-breakers. When you know what you want, you can help anyone from a millionaire matchmaker, to a dating service, to the co-worker who wants to set you up and introduce you to people who are likely to be compatible with you. Needless to say, a better match makes for a long lasting marriage.
  1. 3. You are more likely to be in love with the person and less likely to be marrying because you feel like you need to be married.
    After a divorce, you are no longer caught up in just wanting the fairytale. You had the rings, the ceremony, the reception, the honeymoon, and the hype and status. Maybe, you even had children and have no pressure to have more. Been there; done that. If you are getting married the second time around, it is because you really want to marry the person you are in love with! You aren’t getting married because all your friends are married or because your parents are begging you for grandchildren. You still believe in the power of love and want to marry the person you are in love with! When you are married for the right reasons, your chances of success will be greater. When you hire a dating agency to help you find The One, you’ll find yourself a second marriage that can really go the distance!

Top Turnoffs for Women

Tuesday, October 7th, 2014

Just as we men have certain things that make us run for the hills on a date, women also have particular turnoffs. Knowing what turn most women off will help you avoid these mistakes in your dating journey. 1)      Too much Self-Admiration– While women often tell me they want a man who is confident, they do not want a man who spends the evening glorifying himself.  In an effort to impress, too many men are guilty of boasting about their latest achievement or money making venture. She will be much more impressed if you are genuine, make her laugh, and talk about other interests you have outside of work. 2)      Trying to “Fix” rather than listening– Men need to learn that succeeding in a relationship is much easier than they realize. As men, we want to always provide solutions to problems. However, women are emotional beings and often just want to be heard. It takes practice, but if you learn to truly listen to your lady and provide emotional support and empathy for whatever it is she is talking about, you will be on your way to winning her heart. 3)      Talking about the Ex-Wife or Ex-Girlfriend– Women want to know that you are interested in them and emotionally ready for a new relationship. They don’t want to feel that they are competing with your ex or that you have unresolved emotions there. So, if you are still angry at an ex-wife, or a cheating ex-girlfriend, you can almost guarantee that by bringing it up in any way there will be no second date.

The Wish List- Helpful or Hinderance?

Tuesday, October 7th, 2014

Today I want to talk about “The List”. Most single men and women have one, and it can be pretty elaborate. The question is does your list identify whats really important to you in a life partner, or does your list describe someone who doesn’t exist in reality? Knowing what you want is certainly helpful in narrowing down the pool of people you want to meet. Making a list also helps you determine your “must haves” and “nice to haves”.  Sometimes, however, the list can be more of an obstacle than a useful screening tool.  Often, I hear requirements that are so unrealistic that I don’t know if I should laugh out loud or cry because that client is destined to be single. For example, women are often looking for men who are highly successful and ambitious, yet they don’t want them to spend the time it takes to have that super successful life. Women also fantasize about a strong man who will also love to talk about feelings and go shopping with them. And then there are men who want the supermodel type woman, of which we have plenty, but she must look flawless without makeup, have an Ivy League degree or two, and not be high maintenance. Now, I’m not saying all of these things are mutually exclusive but you must be realistic. Real people aren’t perfect. Obviously there must be chemistry. It is either there or it isn’t. You cannot manufacture it. Chemistry and attraction are critical. Once those are met, we need to look at other things. Do you share common life goals and have similar ideas about family? Do you share an active lifestyle or desire to travel? How is their communication style? Make sure that your list” encompasses important values and attributes that are more than skin deep. As a client of MQI, you will be introduced to the most beautiful single women in the nation. They are all hand-picked and looking to meet commitment minded men. Our matchmakers will review with you what is important on the inside as well as the outside of the women we introduce you to.  We help you flesh out what has been working for you and where we can make suggestions that will help you start a great relationship sooner.  So, whether you are working with us now or plan on in the near future, take a closer look at your list.

Interviewing Beautiful Women Isn’t Easy

Tuesday, October 7th, 2014

This post is a funny tale of what it’s like to be the president of the largest upscale matchmaking service for men. In order to find the most beautiful women around the country for my male clients, I often need to travel to screen large groups of women that have been recruited by my staff or have applied for membership. This weekend I flew to my Arizona office to meet with new clients, attend the Barrett Jackson auto auction, and interview a large group of women.  I have been screening women for my Phoenix and Scottsdale gentlemen at a well-known, large hotel in the greater Scottsdale area.  Month after month I have gone into their posh lobby meeting area to meet 10-15 beautiful women at a time. I found the hotel to be a more comfortable setting for everyone, as opposed to meeting in our matchmaking office. The hotel was easy for women to find, had a large beautiful seating area, and it was comfortable for all involved. As always, I interviewed the women in a group setting to see which ones would then be scheduled for matchmaking meetings.  As I finished up my meeting this weekend and answered all the women’s questions, I was approached by the general manager of the hotel. He politely said he needed to speak with me.  He started off saying that he had seen me here month after month meeting with the most attractive women he had ever seen. He said that his curiosity had gotten to him and he had to know what it was I did for a living. After I explained to him all about Model Quality Introductions,  he sheepishly said that he would have to ask me to move my meetings elsewhere because it was causing too much of a stir among all the businessmen and their wives in the hotel.  How funny!

Executive Dating: Differences between Men and Women

Tuesday, October 7th, 2014

In the twenty-first century, more women than ever are facing the challenge of balancing their careers and their relationships. If you are the typical modern day woman, you want it all—the high-powered career, be married to a high caliber man, and have kids. Like many other professional singles, you have probably gotten the message that you should get you career established first and then find love. As a result, women are pursuing higher educations and placing their focus on work, rather than marriage. Initially, many executive women are more concerned with making a million dollars than learning how to love a millionaire. As women mature, they start to realize that despite their success, they aren’t happy without love. They find themselves in the office of an upscale dating service for single professionals. They  join an agency that specializes in Executive matchmaking to meet single executives like themselves. They are painfully reminded of what Gloria Steinem famously said “We are becoming the very men we wanted to marry”. While the line between the sexes of  professional singles becomes increasingly similar between men and women, there are considerable differences that play out in the executive dating game. To forge a successful relationship with a single executive, it is important to realize the following diverse characteristics between upscale single men and women. Executive Dating Difference # 1: Falling in love As a woman, you fall in love with what is between his ears, while men fall in love with what they see with their eyes. Generally, women like a man for his intelligence. If he can show you that he is socially adept, witty, thoughtful, and can make you laugh, he has a good shot at winning your heart. It is not that men don’t value these things; they are just far more visual creatures than women are. If you want to date rich men who are smart and professionally accomplished, don’t think you have to be a brainiac. As executive men, they are fine with being the brainy ones and just want to be physically and mentally attracted to you. Your energy should be spent on making yourself look beautiful to capture upscale single men. Executive Dating Difference # 2: Communication Style It’s almost universally true: Women want to talk on the phone between dates and men want to text. Before you start thinking he doesn’t  like you very much if he doesn’t want to hear your voice, realize that communication differences in males and females start when they are toddlers! Studies show that infant girls make a greater variety of sounds than baby boys. The left sides of the female’s brains develop faster than their male counterparts, and this is why they have a penchant for verbal communication throughout their lives. So blame it on biology when it comes to executive dating, and add on the fact that male executives are probably on the phone all day. Some affluent singles just find it more convenient and enjoyable to text—don’t hold it against them. Executive Dating Difference # 3: Sexual Preferences When it comes to sexual preferences, men prefer it now and women prefer to wait! While there are exceptions to the rule, for the most part, women want an emotional connection before sex, and men want sex before an emotional connection. This is true for nearly all men, but even more so for single rich men who are used to getting whatever they want whenever they want it. While you should not feel pressured to become intimate before you are ready, know that executive men may become impatient and move on to the next if you don’t at least hint at the promise of intimacy. Many have egos and will take it as personal rejection if you don’t sleep with them on their time line. As a woman, you should not take this personally. Just understand that boys simply will be boys. Best Regards, Craig Donaldson President Model Quality Introductions 310.860.9300

Do you believe in love at first sight?

Tuesday, October 7th, 2014

Do you take a moment’s pause when you hear people say they have experienced love at first sight? Do you wonder about the men and women who say they “just knew” their now-partners were their soul mates within minutes of meeting them? Do you think it is even possible to experience the sentiments they claim? Or is it more likely that they are projecting long-held fantasies on to someone they just met? In today’s modern day society, it’s easy to see why so many people believe in love at first sight, by taking a glimpse at pop culture and everything from technology to the media. In the world of smart phones, texting, and tweeting, people may very well fool themselves into believing that instant gratification can also apply to matters of the heart.  They think: If I can send and receive communication immediately, why can’t I be in love with or love someone immediately? Just watch a few episodes of ABC’s, The Bachelor or Bachelorette to see this notion of instant love in action. Within three to four weeks of meeting the Bachelor or Bachelorette, while competing against twenty-five others for his or her heart, the “contestants” are already falling madly in love and declaring it so to the object of their affection. Shows like these lead some people to believe that they can love someone just by seeing them from across a crowded room. Sorry, we’re not buying it. It’s doubtful that they can know they are meant to be with someone so quickly. Often times, love at first sight is a fantasy people want to believe in.  These are the romantic stories people choose to tell themselves, and the world only after their love has had time to grow. People who have learned real lessons about love know that it isn’t about being swept off your feet, quickly winning someone over, or feeling that elusive yet perfect lightning bolt from the very first meeting. They know that the seedlings of love begin when you let someone in the door, and that love only flourishes when you allow that person to come inside and stay awhile. They are aware that it takes time to develop trust, vulnerability, and real intimacy. They know a real love relationship is not just about the easy stuff, like the good times and laughs; it’s about loving someone despite their idiosyncrasies. Additionally, they may know that people often confuse sex and love–that men give love to get sex and women give sex to get love.  They know love is not just about great sex, but that it’s also about feeling a sense of peace, comfort and emotional safety with someone.  Ultimately, they believe these things take time. To figure out whether or not you believe in love at first sight, you must examine your definition of love. What does it mean to be in love or to love someone in the romantic sense, anyway? It sounds simple, but when people throw the term around so liberally, especially before really knowing someone, they ultimately dilute its meaning.  If love actually means to accept someone’s heart and to give that person yours, fully, is it wildly unrealistic to think it could be experienced immediately? Do you know what love really is? Do you think it could occur at first sight? Best Regards, Craig Donaldson President Model Quality Introductions 310.860.9300

Executive Matchmaking Service by Professional Matchmakers

Monday, June 23rd, 2014

Model Quality Introductions is the country’s top executive matchmaking service. We work hard to help some of America’s most attractive, successful, intelligent, and polished men connect with single women of equal caliber. The goal of our match making services are to help men and women create serious, lasting relationships based on compatibility and shared strengths. We are an off-line dating agency that goes all out to work with its clients and help them connect with compatible people.  Exhaustive interviews are held to determine each client’s exact specifications in a partner. Most of our clients are busy professionals who are very selective in their search. Based on the results of our matchmaking interview, we switch to the next phase of matchmaking by handpicking potential partners for each client. Dating is exceedingly complex, but working with a professional agency greatly increases your chances of ending up with the right person.

Match making Services Find True Love

A matchmaking service indeed when performed correctly can help men to find true love. Just listen to our testimonials from our members here, and be sure to click that url there back to us to fill the Contact form. We have been matchmaking for over 20 years, and you are sure to receive excellent service from our nationwide staff. We will serve you at any of our several locations all over the US. As matchmaking service professionals, we know what it takes to find you the perfect woman that is an 8, 9, or 10 in looks and is refined, intelligent and sophisticated. Click the button below and connect with our  matchmaking services today!

Letting Attraction Do the Work at our Elite Dating Service

Tuesday, June 17th, 2014

Having met several stunning model quality women at our elite dating service. We have come to understand that women are completely different from men in terms of how they feel and experience physical attraction.  As men, we must accept this fact. We must learn how to embrace it and also master it. If you think women are attracted to you in the same manner that you are attracted to them, you are far from correct. When a man sees a beautiful, sexy woman, he feels an instant attraction toward her. Women, however, are slow to heat up and that attraction button is triggered by a host of other factors. As the nation’s top elite dating agency, we can coach you on these matters. If you are looking for the best dating agencies, we are one of them.

Advice from Our Dating Agency

After 16 years in the matchmaking field, I have personally interviewed over 20,000 single women. This has taught me many valuable lessons.  For men out there that are not members of Model Quality and going at this process solo, here is my advice: Use your strongest talents to attract a woman. For example, an average looking man approaches a beautiful woman and engages her in conversation. Early on he pulls out his card and says “I would love to have lunch sometime.” She looks down and sees that he is a medical doctor. She will usually say yes since he seems polite and is a single doctor. In this case, he lets his business card do the talking.  As another example, a father is giving his son lots of vocal encouragement on the soccer field. He is outwardly proud, complimentary, and encouraging in front of all the other parents.  A single mom will start to notice this… and him too. He doesn’t have to be wealthy, or exceptionally handsome.  His strength is his excellent parenting. His love and concern toward his son makes him exponentially more appealing to her. Once she sees him in action as a great parent, he can more easily walk up to her after the game and say, “Which lucky child is yours?”

As you can see from these examples, I encourage you to date smart, not hard.  Any man can get the woman of his dreams by approaching her correctly and playing up the strengths he has.  At our agency, our nationwide dating services experts do this for you. We talk about all of your accomplishments, attributes, and strengths in a non-boastful manner unlike other less experienced elite dating services, we have been doing this for two decades now.  That makes your dates always as excited to meet you as you are to meet them.  Remember, there are far more average and unattractive men dating and married to beautiful women than the other way around!  For a woman, it’s about how you make her feel and the person that you are will evoke that passionate feeling more than the way you look. If you know how to use your strengths, body language and communication correctly, you can make a woman feel the same powerful attraction toward you that you feel toward her.

Finally, a Dating Service that Helps You Find the Love You are Waiting For

Saturday, May 31st, 2014

Do your company affairs take all of your time up? We understand as successful men you get busy, and this is why we are the opportune dating service for you. Sometimes, us men can inadvertently reason with ourselves that we have no time for dating, and that this is why we are single. The reality is if we really want to find that perfect woman, we can; if time is of an issue, we are a dating service that can help. Our quality dating services will provide you with a dating schedule that will allow you to meet gorgeous refined women, one after another until you find your perfect match. Other dating services that are run by women may not quite understand how us males think, we are a male-owned dating service, and thus, you can be rest assured our dating service caters to you. If you think: Dating service men, think us!

Our Dating Service Pairs Up Successful Men with Classy Women

Our dating service is nationwide to offer you convenience and opportunity. Studies show that people who are successful are more action oriented than people who lead average lives and tend to be more passive. Passive people insist on waiting until everything is 100% favorable in their lives to start a new relationship or try something new. But to wait for the perfect set of conditions can cause you to miss out on tremendous opportunities. Every venture presents potential challenges and uncertainties. Whether it’s embarking on a new business venture or joining an executive dating service, the only way to get the rewards is to take action. If you are one of those selective singles who claim to want to change your personal life but think next week, next month, or next year would be better, you are doing yourself a tremendous disservice. We have more beautiful single women in our nationwide database than we’ve ever had.  If you’ve been researching the top dating services and considered joining Model Quality Introductions, there really isn’t a better time than right now. Remember that doing the same things you are currently doing will give you the same results. Our dating service is designed for men who go after what they want in life and expect the best. If you are tired of the dating game, I can get you from where you are now to where you want to be. Get proactive, don’t find any more excuses. Summer is here and you deserve to invest in your own personal happiness. We can pair you up with stunning, classy women that will make you gorgeous lifetime partners.

Contact Model Quality Introductions, we are nationwide, click the button below and call us today!