Compliments Women Can’t Resist

Want to really get the attention of that hottie? Many men believe a compliment sounds perfect in their minds, but they are often surprised when things inexplicably go bad. You need to be extra careful when choosing your words and delivery. Try these three compliments and you will love her reaction. “I could talk to you all night long”. As you will see with compliments, you always need to focus on the values of a woman- what women deem important and flattering. Any man who has ever dated knows that women place a high value on talking and communication. Hence, after talking to your date for a while, you need to drop a compliment that not only flatters but also excites her. So, once you are engaged in a comfortable discussion, this is the perfect compliment to make her smile. “I like the way your mind works”. Many women have grown accustomed to men giving them the “You are really smart” compliment. However, this more specific compliment will set you apart. It says that you not only listen to her but that you are impressed with her mind and the way she thinks in general. “You look fantastic”. Most women spend plenty of time deciding what they are going to wear and what accessories match their outfit. Therefore, rather than saying “Thats a nice dress”, you need something more powerful. For extra emphasis that will knock her socks off, you can make a comment that her earrings are a great color or that her shoes are the perfect choice. She won’t deem you any less masculine, but like that you have an eye for details.

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