Date Models: Know How to Navigate a Restaurant

When it comes to dating models, first impressions are everything. One of the first places you’ll have the opportunity to meet a Millionaire Matchmaker date is at the dinner table. If you are interested in meeting women through a Millionaire Matchmaker and would like to date models, it is particularly important that you really know how navigate restaurants. To date model type singles, you’ll have to wine them, dine them, and stand out from all the others guys willing to splurge for the chocolate lava cake!  Here is some practical advice from a Millionaire Matchmaker for any guy who wants to date a model: Dating Models Tip # 1Make everything comfortable for your date. If you offer to meet your date at a restaurant with valet parking, open her door, help her out of her car, and offer your arm. Take her valet ticket so she doesn’t have to worry about having money later. As you walk into the restaurant open the door, and proceed to the hostess stand, shake the maître d’s hand, and escort your date to a coat check if necessary. Take her ticket for the coat check and return it to her later with a tip for the staff—just as you should do with her valet ticket. When you get to your table, make sure it isn’t subpar.  If it is, kindly ask to be seated elsewhere. If you have to wait for your table, take her to the bar for a cocktail.  Remember all women love a glass champagne! When ready to be seated, pull out her chair. Have impeccable manners throughout the night so that she feels at ease and taken care of. Dating Models Tip # 2: Show the staff kindness and appreciation. Any Millionaire Matchmaker knows that women pay attention to how men treat the staff. If you are rude to a waiter, your date will conclude that it won’t be long before you treat her poorly too. Be polite and gracious to your server. If the food and service is excellent, pay him or her a compliment, but don’t overdo it. Unless your food is totally horrible, never send it back. You don’t want to be considered a complaining foodie. If your date’s order did not come out right, send it back to be corrected. If you have the opportunity, thank the manager in front of your date. If the lady comes around asking you to buy your date a rose, buy her the rose! Dating Models Tip # 3: Order the right food and drinks. To begin with, if a single model type woman asks what you are going to have, know that she is really asking what she can spend on her meal. She wants to know if it is okay to order something more expensive, so tell her that she can have whatever she’d like! As for you, order like a man. Take charge and communicate what you’d like to the waiter. Make sure that your selection isn’t “saying” anything negative about you. For instance, you should never order a beer unless you are in flip flops and shorts; but that doesn’t mean you should go for the fruity Cosmopolitan either. A bottle of wine is a safe choice if you want to date models. If you are deciding between a $40 bottle of wine or four $15 cocktails, go for the wine. You’ll save money with the bottle and will give your date the opportunity to help herself to as much as she’d like. Make sure you order enough food, but keep in mind that even if there is extra, you absolutely can’t take a doggie bag home!  Oh, and just because you are dating models, don’t assume that she does not want dessert. She will want the chocolate lava cake, or the crème brulee! Dating Models Tip # 4: Handle payment properly. If you’ve followed all the rules to date beautiful women so far, you’re in the driver’s seat, but you must handle payment properly. When the check comes, you should immediately grab it and toss in your credit card without itemizing line by line. Doing so will show that you don’t care about the cost. (The worst thing that can happen is you’ll be overcharged for a $5 salad.) It is important not to pay cash. You may look frugal fumbling around for single bills and make your date wonder if you have credit!  Beautiful single women know that single affluent men always pay by credit card. Last if you are on a first, second, or third, date, make sure you over tip. If you are tight with the staff, she might think that you’ll be less than generous with her as well.  This is a tale tell sign for women early on, and she will be watching.

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