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The Art of Finding the Perfect Woman

Reprinted from DuPont Magazine

Valentine’s Day is swiftly approaching and romantics everywhere are hoping to feel the amorous arrows from Cupid’s bow. So we decided to find out where affluent men seek out true love. With myriads of impersonal Internet dating sites cropping up everyday, it appears that a personalized approach to matchmaking emerges as the top choice of today’s single affluent men. We sat down with the founder of the most successful matchmaking agency in the nation…Model Quality Introductions. With nearly two decades of experience, MQI has risen to the top of the A-list in an industry previously dominated by female matchmakers. How has this male-owned agency assumed the role of Cupid for so many successful single gentlemen?

The firm’s founder, Craig Donaldson, attributes his success to being the only male-owned matchmaking agency. “Being a guy with a discerning eye for beauty gives me a unique advantage. We get what men want. Sure the attraction starts on the outside, but we know that guys ultimately fall in love with what’s on the inside. Until that elusive balance between inner and outer beauty is achieved, we’re simply on an endless dating quest for a life mate.”

Q) What possibly compelled you to start your own matchmaking agency?
A) “It began with my own personal search for that one in a million. My goal was to find a woman who possessed the perfect mix of physical beauty, intelligence, sophistication and sex appeal. I wanted to meet a woman who would turn heads, but was low-maintenance and low drama. As a successful entrepreneur, I had a great deal to offer and was seeking the same in a relationship. But where would I meet this individual? After pursuing all the conventional avenues such as restaurants, gyms, nightclubs, even referrals from friends, I realized the improbability of it ever happening. My next step was to outsource my search to a professional matchmaking service. Unfortunately, none of the agencies I encountered specialized in youthful, slender and attractive women. I quickly discovered that female-owned matchmaking agencies view women far differently than men. It was at that moment that I decided to create my own agency — an agency that understands what drives men and fuels their passion. Sixteen years and thousands of successful matches later, Model Quality Introductions is the agency that all others emulate. We cater exclusively to single, successful men who seek the extraordinary, rather than the ordinary.”

Q) Don’t single men at your agency have an unfair advantage?
A) “Definitely. When guys go to a singles event these days, they’re all vying for the attention of the same three or four beautiful women. Each one takes a shot asking her out, only to be turned down. My agency eliminates the humiliation and the frustration. We approach stunning women on their behalf. We brag about their attributes and accomplishments. The women we introduce our clients to will be extremely excited and genuinely interested to meet them. After all, she knows we only represent the most upscale, commitment-minded, single men. Our clients get the opportunity to climb up on the batter’s mound with an 8, 9, or 10. We all know how to come out swinging from there.”

Q) How do you jump-start the love life of a busy single executive?
A) “We can instantly shift their social lives into high gear. We prescreen and personally select every woman that joins our database. Guys can be assured that every woman they meet will be beautiful inside and out. Our clients love the idea that we’re a nationwide agency. We can introduce them to that special someone locally or even nationally. Our extensive search goes from coast to coast — and for no additional fees. And because so many of our gentlemen travel for business, they can now meet stunning single ladies on their trips. It’s the ideal opportunity to mix business with a little romance.”

Q) If a guy’s ready to meet 8’s, 9’s and 10’s, how does he get started?
A) “Simply call our corporate office at 1-866-MODELS4 to speak with me privately. We’ll schedule a consultation at one of our offices to discuss what you’re looking for in the perfect partner. Then we’ll make it happen. We invite you to get started right now and preview our stunning single ladies online at In today’s busy world, we outsource everything to experts, from buying a home to investing our money. Why not outsource the most important decision of all…who you’ll spend the rest of your life with?”

We all know that Cupid is a male. Now you can actually hire him to work exclusively for you. You will be very impressed with Model Quality Introductions. Let Cupid draw back his bow and find the perfect partner for you.

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