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Voted The Nation’s Leading Dating Service For Single Parents

Reprinted from Family Magazine

If you’re a single parent looking to find a stable, committed relationship with a family-oriented individual who is financially, emotionally and mentally secure, you realize that this tall order isn’t easy to fill. Most likely you’re way past the "singles scene" and don’t have the time or patience to go on blind dates or through an online dating service. So how do you find that elusive life mate who exceeds all of your criteria? Say hello to Model Quality Introductions (MQI). They are the nation’s leading introduction agency that specializes in helping affluent single men settle down into committed, loving relationships.

According to Craig Donaldson, President of MQI, "The men that join our agency have everything that life has to offer – beautiful homes, airplanes, take beautiful vacations, afford private schools for their children, and more – but they are missing the most important part of all, who they will cherish and spend the rest of their life with." MQI’s male clientele consists of doctors, lawyers, hedge fund managers, real estate developers, entrepreneurs and CEOs of top companies. These men are typically 30 to 60 years old, attractive, in shape, and very family-oriented. In fact, 57% of all their male members are dads themselves looking to find a new partner to love and combine families with.

At MQI, efficiency and dedication to the well being of each client are top priorities. The reason why most women elect to use this agency is that the men who join are pre-screened, safe, and commitment-minded. "Men and women typically only have each others’ looks to go on when they first meet," shares Craig. "Through MQI, a man and a woman can get the whole picture of what each can bring to the table before they cross paths."

As a non-biased third party, MQI has a team of matchmakers that meet each potential male and female to ensure they are safe, healthy, monogamous, financially responsible and ready to take on a new partner. The initial interview process takes a few hours because it gives them an opportunity to truly get to know you. This will align your optimal emotional, physical and lifestyle needs in a partner. By designing a blueprint of what you’re looking for in the right mate, and helping you create your own "autobiography", MQI puts you in the best position to find exactly the type of person you are looking for. And, with offices nationwide, MQI can help members break through the limitations of the "local dating pool" to reach out and truly find the best possible match. "Our clients love the idea that we’re a nationwide agency," says Craig. "We can introduce them to that special someone locally or even nationally. Our extensive search spans coast to coast – and for no additional fees."

All initial contact is done through the agency so everyone can remain private until they opt to have dinner with someone of their choice. First dates are set up for couples to really get to know each other one-on-one and to explore the possibilities of mutual chemistry. Feedback is available to each participant after each date to allow insight as to what your dinner companion thought about the evening.

As for success stories, Craig doesn’t recommend his company lightly. He found and married his own true love through his agency five years ago and has never been happier. And he’s not the only one. MQI is pleased to report that two thirds of the singles they introduce end up finding a monogamous relationship within the first year. Craig shares a recent story, "Tim, in the state of Maine, is an entrepreneur with two kids. He’s kind, generous, sweet, loving and very family-oriented. Vicky lives in southern California and is a schoolteacher with three kids. I introduced them last summer and they instantly found a connection. In December, they announced their engagement to be married this February upon which they will combine their families. Without our agency, this beautiful couple would never have met. It makes us proud to know that the company we built often changes people’s lives forever."

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