Dating Models: Top 10 Strategies

For a lot of men, dating models is nothing more than a dream.  Some guys think they can never compete with all of the other good looking, wealthy singles who date beautiful women. Others imagine that they could give the average single millionaire a run for his money—if only they can figure out how to date beautiful women! For those of you who want more of a traditional relationship, or at least the type of casual dating that doesn’t require a lavish lifestyle, here are ten strategies for dating models that you can easily put to use. Dating Models Strategy 1:  Utilize the philosophy of successful real estate agents: Location, Location, Location. You want to take models to places they like to go. In other words, frequent your city’s hotspots if you want to date models.  Just about any girl will go somewhere hot and exciting with a sweet guy, and, no, you don’t have to be a millionaire! Six-pack abs are also not necessary if she is laughing with you at dinner and having fun with you at home. If you can help her skip the lines at the doors to parties that attract fun celebrities and other high-profile individuals, or get great service in hot restaurants, you are on your way to exclusive dating! Dating Models Strategy 2:  Participate in her dreams. The modeling industry is highly competitive, and even the most gorgeous professional single models face rejection on a regular basis. If you have your heart set on dating a model and you can show her support in her career, you’ll fare better than the other guys who hope to be dating models without helping them. Attend Fashion Week and other runway shows with her, to participate in her dreams. This will also help you meet new single ladies as well. Dating Models Strategy 3:  Make VIP introductions In order to succeed at model dating, you are going to have to make some direct efforts to help your model succeed! Make phone calls to those in your network, talk to friends of friends so you can introduce her to those who can take her career to the next level. Get her in front of designers, publicists, photographers, and any fashion industry insiders who can help her further her career. Be a man with a good plan. Dating Models Strategy 4: Stay in great physical shape Throughout your relationship, always take care of your appearance and look your best. Like attracts like. Your model will surely stay fit and healthy, so should you.  Great physical shape also includes good grooming and having a sense of personal style. Make sure you dress to impress. Dating Models Strategy 5: Keep your ego in check There are a lot of single wealthy men who would love to be dating models. Don’t act jealous if it seems like other men are constantly checking out your girl. This comes with the territory. Expect it, and just be happy you are the guy who is spending your evenings with her. Dating Models Strategy 6: Show empathy Be understanding of a model’s demanding schedule which will include an element of unpredictability in the form of go-sees, photo shoots, and last minute business trips. She may have to cancel dates and will appreciate you not giving her a hard time about circumstances beyond her control. Dating Models Strategy 7: Consider her best interest Sometimes, sacrificing your needs for the sake of your model’s career is necessary. If she has a shoot the day after your date, don’t ask her to stay up late or over indulge in food and drink. Consider what is best for her. Dating Models Strategy 8: Be generous Don’t be shy with compliments or generosity. Even beautiful models need to hear they are beautiful, and working models could use a little financial support from affluent singles from time to time. Don’t compliment any of her body parts; instead focus on her dress, personality, and intelligence. This is what they want to be complimented for. Dating Models Strategy 9: Don’t push intimacy too soon Don’t rush her to the bedroom. She is hyper-sensitive to it, as all other men have pushed her too fast too soon. It is a sure way to kill the deal. Let love grow naturally. Dating Models Strategy 10: Use Model Quality Introductions Work with the nation’s most successful millionaire matchmaker, Model Quality Introductions. Investing in a dating service for upscale single rich men is one of the best ways you can jumpstart dating models. We meet new, single models on a daily basis and will screen those that will be most compatible with you. Now that you know how to date beautiful women, you start dating models through us today quickly and effortlessly. Call us today at (866) Models-4. Let us make you the happiest man you know.

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