Don’t Share How You Feel Too Soon…

Love is in the air and Valentine’s Day is just around the corner.  As men, we usually have no problems in our business, and focusing on the strategy to get what we want. However, when we start recognizing the need for a great personal relationship, we often go about it all wrong.  I want to share one of the 7 deadly sins of dating. That dating sin is sharing how you feel too soon.  With 15+ yrs of matchmaking experience and relationship coaching under my belt, “too soon” is defined as before your 4th date. You have to give a woman the chance to really get to know you before you walk the plank.  Sure your emotions are like fireworks, but women are slower to the draw. The analogy that men are like “blow torches” and women “more like ovens” holds true for how our respective emotions heat up. Women worry about “what if?” and “is this real?”  Men don’t.  If you make it to the 4th date, this means that a woman does like you and your admiration will be accepted. After an amazing first date, I took a woman out to dinner for a second date. Everything was perfect.  The conversation, chemistry, and flirting were all flawless.  At the end of the second date I said, “We have so much in common and amazing chemistry, would you like to see each other exclusively?” She said no, to my surprise. She didn’t know me well enough yet. Months later, we were engaged. Like most men, I read the mutual romance signals right, but was thinking like a man rather than a woman. I almost ruined a great relationship. We all know that attractive women are rare. They get asked out daily, everywhere they go. They have experience, often more than men in terms of dating. They know what to expect and can anticipate your moves in advance. And one thing that turns an attractive women off and sends her running is a guy who starts saying “You know, I really, REALLY like you” after one or two dates. This signals to the woman that you’re just like all the other guys. All of those dates that she never called back, those who fall for her too fast. Control yourself.  Be calm, cool, and collected. Leave the date with her hoping that you’ll call.  If you revert back to the teenage method of dating…”I really like you, I really feel a connection here”. It’s over. Flirt, but don’t gush. Our skilled matchmakers find out exactly what each woman thought about you, in detail. This after-date feedback is extremely helpful in taking your relationship to the next level. So, lean back and relax. Let us deliver this information to you confidentially so in the end you do get the relationship you want and deserve.


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