Executive Dating: Differences between Men and Women

In the twenty-first century, more women than ever are facing the challenge of balancing their careers and their relationships. If you are the typical modern day woman, you want it all—the high-powered career, be married to a high caliber man, and have kids. Like many other professional singles, you have probably gotten the message that you should get you career established first and then find love. As a result, women are pursuing higher educations and placing their focus on work, rather than marriage. Initially, many executive women are more concerned with making a million dollars than learning how to love a millionaire. As women mature, they start to realize that despite their success, they aren’t happy without love. They find themselves in the office of an upscale dating service for single professionals. They  join an agency that specializes in Executive matchmaking to meet single executives like themselves. They are painfully reminded of what Gloria Steinem famously said “We are becoming the very men we wanted to marry”. While the line between the sexes of  professional singles becomes increasingly similar between men and women, there are considerable differences that play out in the executive dating game. To forge a successful relationship with a single executive, it is important to realize the following diverse characteristics between upscale single men and women. Executive Dating Difference # 1: Falling in love As a woman, you fall in love with what is between his ears, while men fall in love with what they see with their eyes. Generally, women like a man for his intelligence. If he can show you that he is socially adept, witty, thoughtful, and can make you laugh, he has a good shot at winning your heart. It is not that men don’t value these things; they are just far more visual creatures than women are. If you want to date rich men who are smart and professionally accomplished, don’t think you have to be a brainiac. As executive men, they are fine with being the brainy ones and just want to be physically and mentally attracted to you. Your energy should be spent on making yourself look beautiful to capture upscale single men. Executive Dating Difference # 2: Communication Style It’s almost universally true: Women want to talk on the phone between dates and men want to text. Before you start thinking he doesn’t  like you very much if he doesn’t want to hear your voice, realize that communication differences in males and females start when they are toddlers! Studies show that infant girls make a greater variety of sounds than baby boys. The left sides of the female’s brains develop faster than their male counterparts, and this is why they have a penchant for verbal communication throughout their lives. So blame it on biology when it comes to executive dating, and add on the fact that male executives are probably on the phone all day. Some affluent singles just find it more convenient and enjoyable to text—don’t hold it against them. Executive Dating Difference # 3: Sexual Preferences When it comes to sexual preferences, men prefer it now and women prefer to wait! While there are exceptions to the rule, for the most part, women want an emotional connection before sex, and men want sex before an emotional connection. This is true for nearly all men, but even more so for single rich men who are used to getting whatever they want whenever they want it. While you should not feel pressured to become intimate before you are ready, know that executive men may become impatient and move on to the next if you don’t at least hint at the promise of intimacy. Many have egos and will take it as personal rejection if you don’t sleep with them on their time line. As a woman, you should not take this personally. Just understand that boys simply will be boys. Best Regards, Craig Donaldson President Model Quality Introductions president@modelqualityintroductions.com www.ModelQualityIntroductions.com 310.860.9300

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