Executive Dating: What Every Woman Should Know About Dating the CEO

If you are interested in executive dating with an extraordinary gentleman, you should definitely consider starting a relationship with a CEO. They really are a special breed of men! If you are serious about dating single professionals, it would be great to join an executive matchmaking agency like Model Quality Introductions so you can find out just how amazing your love life can be. Affluent single men hire us because they are looking for a certain type of woman. They can easily date beautiful women, but they are looking for the one special lady to go the distance with. Sometimes great women have poor dating etiquette and do things to turn off single affluent men. Don’t be that girl! Follow the executive dating tips below to increase your chances of capturing the interest of a CEO.

Executive Dating Tip # 1: Be prompt with communication. He will expect it.

A CEO is used to having people in the workplace do things for him immediately. His time is very valuable, and he expects that others respect it, and respond to him quickly. You must always return his calls within twenty four hours. If something prevents you from calling him, send him an email or text to apologize about the delay and let him know you’ll be in touch as soon as possible. If you answer the phone but can not talk with him, let him know a time he can call you back, no matter how busy you are. He will take time out of his day for you and you must do the same for him.

Executive Dating Tip # 2:  Do not flake out on a date. He may hold it against you.

If you are interested in exclusive, executive dating with a CEO, you have to be reliable. If you have scheduled a date, you should not cancel unless it is an emergency. If you do cancel, you should always offer a follow up date to reschedule. If you don’t, your CEO may think that seeing him is not a priority. If you don’t think he will be turned off by your lack of follow up, think again. In the world of executive matchmaking, it is well known that a single executive will not tolerate a flake. At Model Quality Introductions, we do not continue to match any woman who proves to be unresponsive and unreliable. Professional singles have busy schedules and you must respect them.

Executive Dating Tip # 3: Do not talk too much about work. He wants to relax and have fun.

A first date is an opportunity to get to know someone and consider whether or not he is a good candidate for exclusive dating. You have to get to know a single executive for the person he is. Yes, his work is important to him or he wouldn’t have gotten to the position he has in his career. However, he is not defined by his job. Even if he enjoys it greatly, he will not want to talk all about business on a date. Keep the conversation light hearted and fun. Ask him playful open-ended questions about what he does for fun, where he loves traveling, and what his passions are. Do not treat a date with a single executive as a job interview. Leave that to the Millionaire Matchmaker. You don’t need to find out his five year plan or his net worth, just get to know him for who he is.

Executive Dating Tip # 4: Be honest about your feelings. He will not tolerate game playing.

If you are going to follow any dating rules, you should follow the Golden Rule. If you want to date an affluent single man, simply treat him the way you want to be treated. A CEO is not the average guy and will not put up with poor behavior from you. Always remember that it is very easy for him to date beautiful women. Don’t take his interest in you for granted by being less than sincere about your own interest. If he asks you out for a second date and you’d like to see him again, tell him the truth! If you are unsure, give him a second chance, as chemistry may develop in time. But don’t continue to lead him on if you only have platonic feelings.  If you know in your heart that you have no romantic attraction for this man, tell him. Give him a compliment, thank him for his time, and tell him you are sorry you don’t see a future of exclusive dating for the two of you. Perhaps, he will want to stay in touch as friends. Either way, he will appreciate your honesty. Best Regards, Craig Donaldson President Model Quality Introductions www.ModelQualityIntroductions.com president@modelqualityintroductions.com 310.860.9300

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