How Much Should You Drink on a Date?

When it comes to alcoholic beverages, how much is OK to drink on a date?

Of course you want to have a nice time on your date, so loosening up with a nice glass of wine can certainly help! The question is, when does it stop helping, and start hurting your date?

Factors to consider when figuring out how much to drink on a date:

  • Do you follow his lead?
  • Do you not drink at all?
  • Do you limit yourself to 1 drink or 2 drinks?
  • Does it depend on where you go on your date?
  • Whether you are having a meal?
  • Whether or not he orders a 2nd or 3rd drink.
  • How long does the date last?

These are all great questions, and one of the reasons it makes it so hard to figure out what the correct answer is.

My advice on first date drinking

Most people can easily have 2 drinks and still have their full wits about them. Pour that 3rd drink however and inhibitions and wit start to go. So stop at 2 drinks, regardless of what you are doing on your date, how much you are eating, or how long your date lasts, just call it quits.

Some people say, “But we are eating a big meal, I can tolerate more” or “we are watching a baseball game or other sporting event for several hours, a drink an hour will be fine.” Why risk it? Do you really want to reveal this much on a first date? Too much alcohol ends up providing too much information to your date.

So before you go on that next first date, agree to limit yourself and stick to it.

If you are feeling nervous about your date, try some other forms of relaxation. You might go for a nice run to clear your mind, or stop by your local yoga studio for an hour of peace and quiet. Take a few deep breaths, and know that there is never a second chance to make a first impression.

Craig Donaldson
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