How to Disclose That You Want Her to Sign a Prenup

There aren’t many things that can be more of a “buzz kill” to a happy couple than talk of a prenuptial agreement. However, prenups are a smart and popular choice for many men who meet their future wives with our without a millionaire matchmaker. To protect yourself just in case your marriage fails, follow the advice below to keep your relationship in tact in the meantime.

Choose the right time to initiate the consideration.
When it comes to success in relationships, timing is everything. While there is no perfect time to bring up a controversial issue to your partner, some “times” are better than others. You should let her know that you would like to talk about a prenup before you propose marriage. If you bring it up after you are already engaged, she may feel resentful or even regret having said yes to marriage. You should initiate the prenup conversation as soon as you are seriously considering marriage.  Bring it up when you are feeling confident about her investment in the relationship. Of course, find a time when your partner isn’t stressed, is in a good mood, and isn’t, to the best of your knowledge, mad at you for anything!

Act like a prenup’s no big deal and that you are just following pre-marital protocol.
As our good millionaire matchmakers will tell you, there are plenty of topics a couple should discuss before they decide to tie the knot. At our matchmaking agency, Model Quality Introductions, we would recommend that you talk about everything from having children and how many, and how often, and where you will live, and how you’ll manage your assets. So get your girlfriend of that mindset. Let her know that you feel discussing a prenup is as commonplace as going to premarital counseling or revising your estate plan. Bonus if you could bring it up within pre-marital counseling! Don’t let her think that there is anything about her that makes you want a prenup. If she thinks you’d want a prenup with any woman you met-whether through a matchmaking agency or off the street-she will be less likely to take it personally.

Find a way to show her that you will be generous throughout the marriage and afterward.
To a woman, the idea that you want to withhold anything from her is unromantic and far from ideal. Understand that she is marrying you, in part, because she wants to feel taken care of. If you want to make her feel better, display your generosity before or soon after you initiate the prenup conversation. Yes, you can buy her gifts. Perhaps, you can even take her to your estate planner so that she knows she would not be left empty-handed if you were to pass away first. These ideas along with your own will make this process much easier and protect both of you ever after.

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