How to Get Any Girl in the World to Like You

Millionaire matchmakers like Model Quality Introductions know that gorgeous women fall for average Joe’s all the time, and the truth is that getting the girl you want is not as hard as you might think it is. You don’t need to be the best looking guy in the world, or the wealthiest executive, to be chased by attractive girls. What you do need, is to know what women want, and how to give it to them. Every man I know wants to date a Victoria’s Secret model. But the truth is

Most girls are the same. They don’t want the most amazing man in the world; they just want the most amazing man in their world. If you follow these simple steps can be that man.

Most executives suffer from the approach anxiety. They don’t know how to make that initial contact, and because of that, they are unable to attract a woman. This is the stage where most men give up and quit. They resign and just stop trying. I have a solution to this very stressful issue. Let women come to you. I know what you are thinking: “If I could do that, I wouldn’t have a problem in the first place!” Model Quality Introductions has been helping men do just this, for 20 years!

Let them come to the dinner table to meet this amazing man that we have described to them. They will come to you! Body Language is a powerful tool and once you’ve mastered it effectively you won’t need to approach another girl in your life. I won’t give you an entire course on the art of speaking without words, but I can give you some ideas to get you started:

  1. Make a conscious effort to move slowly.
    When all is said and done, millionaire matchmaking is built on a man’s confidence. If you make very slow controlled movements you will display the confidence that is attractive to women. When you consciously slow down your movements, you are saying to women I am “comfortable” and it makes you much more approachable, and friendly.
  2. Use as much space as possible.
    When you take as much space as possible, women subconsciously understand you are the Alpha Male in the room.
  3. Watch your posture
    It is very important to be aware of your posture at all times. Good posture shows you are confident with yourself.
  4. Learn the basics of style.
    Most men don’t understand the power that clothing has in the attraction arena for women. You can increase your social value, just by creating a personal image that is comfortable, cool, eye-catching, and wealthy.

Next, is your interaction with women who approach you. You know she is already attracted to you. Your job now is to increase that attraction. Women will be constantly testing you to see if you are boyfriend material, and if you fail the test, the attraction will be over. The thing you need to remember is that she will test your ability to stay in control. She will constantly try to take that power from you, and if you allow it to happen, you will lose desirability.

For example, if she asks you for a drink don’t just buy her one. Ask her for something in return. Say something like: “OK, but only if you dance with me”. Don’t fulfill her every desire on a whim. Make her work to give you something in return. That way even if you give her what she wants, its on your terms. Believe me that’s what she wants.

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