How to Keep The Relationship Exciting

Having a successful relationship doesn’t happen automatically, even if you meet the person who is your perfect match. We all have past experiences and future expectations. Women don’t expect that each date will be more elaborate than the prior one until you are whisking them away to a private island. Women consistently express that it is the little things that keep them attracted and excited to see a man. They appreciate the man who opens their car door, remembers special occasions, and surprises them with flowers when they don’t expect it. Relationships tend to start to suffer when we take our women for granted. If after a few months, you think your relationship is on cruise control, it is time to remind her how special she is to you and treat her like the catch she is. Plan a special date. Take a little getaway, do something spontaneous like leaving a little note. All of these things will help to keep the butterflies and excitement there.  It’s also important to make time to learn a bit about her interests. For example if she likes dancing and you are the world’s worst dancer, she will still adore you for making the effort. Go a little out of your comfort zone and you will reap the rewards.

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