How to Marry a Millionaire the Right Way

Disclaimer: A man is not a retirement package. Money can be lost just as easily as it can be earned, and half of all marriages end in divorce over finances. Knowing how to capture  a millionaires attention is certainly a valuable tool to possess. If all goes well, marrying a millionaire can lead you to financial freedom, private schools for kids, nannies, vacations, luxury cars, and a safe community to live in together. Are you wondering if there is a magic formula to walking down the aisle with the single millionaire of your choice? There is, and if you follow the following three steps below, he can be yours! Find your millionaire by promoting your youth and beauty. Knowing how to marry a millionaire will be a lot easier if you are youthful and attractive. Women should make the most of their beauty while they are still young to attract single rich men.  It may not seem fair, but dating wealthy men is much simpler for women in their twenties and early thirties.  In these years, women have a lot of sex appeal to affluent single men from the twenties through sixties. If you are young, learning how to marry a millionaire could be as easy as contacting a Millionaire matchmaker and asking for consideration in the agency’s database of men. There are sure to be plenty of upscale single men who will naturally find you sexy, but learning how to dress the part is crucial. To maximize your beauty, you should show off some skin in form-fitting clothing without overdoing it. As all the fashion magazines suggest, if you wear a super-short mini skirt, you shouldn’t reveal too much cleavage. If you wear bright red lipstick, you should not have dramatic black eyeliner. In other words, pick one feature to play up and one body part to draw attention to. The idea is to keep it classy with hints of sexuality. If you are more mature, do not despair. Many wealthy men dating in both the cities and suburbs are attracted to women of all ages who maintain their good looks and have a pleasant personality. If you dress sexy but age appropriate and have a warm easy-going personality, you’ll be a desirable option for more than enough single rich men. No matter what your age, if you have a young-at-heart care-free attitude, single millionaires will find you attractive. Capture your millionaire by respecting his time and having great times together One thing is for sure: Single rich men lead very busy lives.  They have companies to run, business trips to attend, and large networks of friends, contacts, and colleagues to stay in touch with. In addition, they have the time and means to take up hobbies, be involved in charities, travel for pleasure, and maintain multiple homes around the globe.  With a busy professional and social calendar, the last thing they want is to waste time with a woman that doesn’t respect their time. With millionaire dating, it needs to be more about him—not you. No, you don’t want to bend over backwards to accommodate his schedule if it is going to hurt you, but you do want to show him that you value his time and can be flexible with yours.  Just as importantly, make sure the time you spend together is generally fun, lighthearted, and drama-free. If you become experienced in dating wealthy men, you will see that they have enough stress in their lives already. Make your relationship a safe haven that will protect him from additional stresses and you’ll be that much closer in your quest to discovering how to marry a millionaire. Keep your millionaire by adding irreplaceable value to his life Contrary to popular belief, single rich men are not afraid to commit. They are afraid of commitment to the wrong woman! If you want a man to make the ultimate commitment by taking your hand in marriage, you must make him feel you are better than any other female option he has. In a nutshell, figuring out how to marry a millionaire is figuring out how to be irreplaceable.  Some quick tips: Always be happy even if you are not. Smile. Be sexier than anyone else he might date. Flirt with him. Hold hands and touch. Be romantic. Make him feel like a king. With beauty, great times, and irreplaceable value, you’ll be on your way to marrying a millionaire and living happily ever after. Best Regards, Craig Donaldson President Model Quality Introductions (866) 663-3574

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