Interviewing Beautiful Women Isn’t Easy

This post is a funny tale of what it’s like to be the president of the largest upscale matchmaking service for men. In order to find the most beautiful women around the country for my male clients, I often need to travel to screen large groups of women that have been recruited by my staff or have applied for membership. This weekend I flew to my Arizona office to meet with new clients, attend the Barrett Jackson auto auction, and interview a large group of women.  I have been screening women for my Phoenix and Scottsdale gentlemen at a well-known, large hotel in the greater Scottsdale area.  Month after month I have gone into their posh lobby meeting area to meet 10-15 beautiful women at a time. I found the hotel to be a more comfortable setting for everyone, as opposed to meeting in our matchmaking office. The hotel was easy for women to find, had a large beautiful seating area, and it was comfortable for all involved. As always, I interviewed the women in a group setting to see which ones would then be scheduled for matchmaking meetings.  As I finished up my meeting this weekend and answered all the women’s questions, I was approached by the general manager of the hotel. He politely said he needed to speak with me.  He started off saying that he had seen me here month after month meeting with the most attractive women he had ever seen. He said that his curiosity had gotten to him and he had to know what it was I did for a living. After I explained to him all about Model Quality Introductions,  he sheepishly said that he would have to ask me to move my meetings elsewhere because it was causing too much of a stir among all the businessmen and their wives in the hotel.  How funny!

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