Manswers- Answers to What Men Really Want

As I coach many men about dating and relationships in their quest to find the right woman, I thought I would divulge a few things to help my female clients learn what men really want.  Its been said before but it’s worth repeating that men are the simpler of the two sexes. There are certain things that will make any man take notice of a woman and want to get to know her better.  Here are the top three: 1)  A Man Wants a Woman who is Happy, Playful, and Fun.  Men like to be active and play. No secret here. Men bond by doing shared activities and experience connection with others through action.  Most women, however, experience connection through talking.  Unfortunately, you cannot talk your way into a man’s heart. It will never be your wonderful command of the English language that will make him attracted to you. It will be the experiences you create with him.  For example, don’t talk about your problems at work or issues with your family in the early stages of dating.  Down the road, there will be time for more serious discussions.  In the beginning,  when a man has fun and feels that spark for you he will want to spend more time getting to know you. 2)  A Man Wants Chemistry (Attraction and Passion) Chemistry is the one “intangible” we cannot control in the matchmaking business. Men aren’t as scared of relationships as most women think.  However, they are scared of being in a relationship with a woman where there is no passion or attraction.  Yes, men are visual creatures and the chemistry either is there or it isn’t. 3)  A Man Wants a Woman who Inspires and Respects Him When a man loves a woman, he wants to be a better man for her and it gives purpose to all his hard work.  Men still want to go out and slay the dragon to win a woman’s respect, love, and admiration at the end of the day. A woman who has the maturity to not blame or criticize a man will be attractive to him.  How a woman handles her emotions is one of the most important things a man looks for when he’s deciding if he should date her exclusively.  High drama with emotions out of control is a red flag for all men.  A woman who can present her feelings in a calm non-dramatic way will go a long way toward convincing a man that she could potentially be a long-term partner for him.

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