Millionaire Dating: Use Your Masculine Energy to Win Over a Woman

First impressions are everything for a man interested in exclusive dating, but as many affluent singlemenknow, you don’t win a woman over on the first date alone. Beautiful women who are used to dating millionaires have been wined and dined. As any Millionaire matchmaker would tell you, you’ll have to do more than just show her a good time if you want to stand out from all the other single rich men chasing her, don’t make the mistake of relaxing your efforts after a great first date. Just because she likes you, doesn’t mean you’ve won her over. If you really want to grab her heart, you have to use your masculine energy to make her feel like a woman—ideally the only woman you have eyes for! Keep in mind a woman who is interested in marrying a millionaire, wants to date successful masculine alpha males who show that they can protect her. To date single models, use your masculine energy to lead, provide, and cherish her feelings. Follow these tips by our upscale matchmaker: Millionaire Dating Tip #1: Ask her out on dates in advance. When a woman is trying to decide if a guy is worthy of exclusive dating, she is watching his every move. Women naturally tend to read into behaviors and relationship dynamics more than men; one thing that is always important to them is whether a man makes them feel special. If a date is planned at the last minute regardless if it is the best high end datingexperience a woman can imagine the guy gets a strike in her mind. She thinks that if a guy wants to be with her, he will ask her out in advance to ensure the date.  It doesn’t matter if he is a busy single executive or millionaire datingwith a ton of time on his hands, if he can’t take the lead and ask her out ahead of time, a woman loses respect. It shows a disregard toward her feelings if you make last minute plans that require little effort. She will doubt how serious you are about her and may even label you as a player. Be smart, and be a man with a plan! Millionaire Dating Tip #2:  Lead the relationship with good communication.   If you are calling, emailing, and texting a woman regularly, it becomes apparent to her that she is a priority to you. A woman knows that if a “real man” is interested, he will make that clear to her.  She knows that there are many men who prefer the convenience of texting, but that if a man has strong feelings, he’ll want to hear a woman’s voice. Show her that you look forward to contact with her. Find every opportunity to respond to her–no matter how busy you may be. If you want exclusive dating, never fail to acknowledge holidays, because they are important to women. If it is a major holiday, and you aren’t with her, you should be calling and sending cards and gifts. Provide her with a sense of security about the relationship by showing that you care. Millionaire Dating Tip #3:  Show her that you want more than sex.   If you’ve been out for a lot of dinner and drinks, switch it up and take her out for lunch in the middle of the day. A woman doesn’t want to feel like the guy she is dating only wants to see her when it is dark out. If you are considering her for exclusive dating, spend time getting to know her in a different context Its silly oversight, but a lot of single rich men don’t think the simple pleasures provide a path to a woman’s heart. They think it is all about upscale dating. It’s NOT! Walk with her in the park, hold her hand in the movie theater, and let her realize how much she likes you when you are just doing simple things. Also, when you compliment her, don’t comment on her body. You can compliment her appearance, but make sure you also tell her you admire her intelligence or enjoy her sense of humor.         Millionaire Dating Tip #4:  Make her feel special when you introduce her to your friends. Nearly all men want their friends to approve of the girl that they are dating, but some make the mistake of making the introduction too soon. If you bring a woman to meet your crew on a first or second date, she won’t feel special. She’ll get the idea that you always date beautiful women and like to show them off to your friends right away. If you wait until she feels confident that you are considering her for the long term, she’ll feel like you want to integrate her into your life. If it becomes clear that you have been talking positively about her to your friends, she will feel flattered. A successful introduction to your friends will make a woman feel you are on the path toward exclusive dating and more.   Millionaire Dating Tip # 5: Go after what you want   A masculine man is aggressive and laser focused on his goal. As a single executive looking for millionaire matchmaking, you know how to get what you want in the workplace. Now, go for the girl! Don’t give her the idea that you don’t want something serious by rushing into sex too soon. But if exclusive datingis what you are after, you will want to sleep with her as soon as she is comfortable. When the time is right, you must initiate sex. Beautiful women know that all guys want to have sex with a woman they are attracted to. If you don’t initiate, she will think you are just platonically interested. You are the man. Make your move!

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