Model Dating: Professional Matchmaker’s Advice on Intimacy

Couple’s counselors everywhere continuously state that couples fight most about intimacy and money. Model-type women use a Millionaire Matchmaker to meet eligible men that they can rest assured will be an upscale pre-vetted man. However, meeting an affluent single man who is also a great intimate partner could feel a bit more like rolling the dice.  If you use professional dating services, the women you meet will know you are successful in life, so focus on showing them that you’ll click in the bedroom.  Want to date models and set the foundation for a great long term relationship?  Let us show the lady that you are the complete package. Model Dating Tip #1:  Be aware of the “rules”. Some say rules are meant to be broken, but if you are looking to date a model or any beautiful woman, keep the “rules” in mind. To begin with, if you want a serious relationship, do not get intimate on the first date. Although there are exceptions to any rule, sleeping together on the first date will not take you to the altar. It is generally advised that you don’t sleep together before the fifth date minimum. Many men who date models think it is acceptable to get intimate after three dates, but beautiful women make men they are seriously interested in wait longer. They want intimacy to be special with a guy really like. Many beautiful women want to wait until a man has made an emotional investment. This can take five dates or five months, it all depends on the woman, and the nature of the relationship. The number one rule you should follow when dating a model is to wait until the woman is comfortable. If you don’t pressure a woman, she will assume that you care about her, respect her, and see her as part of your future. If you wait too long, you run the risk of being placed in “friend zone”. Model Dating Tip #2: Understand what women want. When it comes to intimacy, the worst thing you can do is be pushy and make advances when a woman is uninterested. Read her body language and see if it is safe to make a move by testing the waters. See how affectionate she is in public. If she seems uncomfortable or unreceptive, slow down. When in doubt, ask her. Mirror her body language. Kiss her the way that she kisses you. Don’t be too aggressive, and if she seems to like whatever you are doing, do it more. If she doesn’t, stop. Model Dating Tip # 3: Prepare for the big night. When the time is finally right, you’ll want to do everything you can to make it special. Have a bottle of champagne chilled. Light candles. Use a hot tub if available.  If you want to date a model, your goal is to make the entire experience her most pleasurable. As Men’s Health suggests in “How to Be a Good Lover”: “A woman wants reassurance that the sexual experience you just shared was important to you. Hold her close, kiss her, and try some light facial massage as you gaze into her eyes.” Go get ‘em, Tiger! Best Regards, Craig Donaldson President Model Quality Introductions 310.860.9300

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