One Thing Guaranteed to Turn Her On

Have you ever wondered why some men consistently attract beautiful women? It isn’t your cologne, convertible sports car, or even your muscular build that that will make her want to get closer. The truth is that women are attracted to certain personality traits and they flock to men who possess them. One of the best effects  you can have on a woman is to get her laughing. Yes, having a sense of humor and the ability to make her laugh is among the most appealing qualities any man can have. If you are a guy that doesn’t naturally have a great sense of humor, you may be at a big disadvantage. However, this is a communication skill that you can develop. The fact is that most men are focused on being polite when they date. They censor themselves excessively and end up being boring in conversation and women see them as lacking an edge. To make a woman laugh, be a little more spontaneous. Look at whatever situation you are in from a fresh perspective and you’ll rapidly turn out to be the funny and creative individual that turns her on. Interesting enough, as you do this you will relax more and feel more confident. Ultimately, humor as a turn on for women is much more than a skill. It is an attitude. When you can make a woman laugh hardily, she sees you as having an attitude of confidence and optimism. And for a woman, that is very sexy.


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