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What Makes a Gold Digger Truly a Gold Digger?

Wednesday, December 22nd, 2010

Nobody likes to talk about a topic as delicate as love in the crass terms of finance, but the fact is that few things will have more of an impact on your lifestyle & happiness as whom you choose to marry. Should the partnership fail, men stand to lose half of their assets.  Meeting with successful men daily, I often surprisingly get asked how much money is enough to attract a worthwhile partner.  Men know women by nature are monogamous and want someone that will truly love them for the long haul. However, they also want someone who will be a good provider.  So, how do you separate out women only looking for financial betterment?  After all, women don’t come to me because they want to meet starving artists.
A gold digger is a woman that brings nothing to the table other than her looks, and expects the world in return. She feels that any man is lucky to be in her presence, regardless of his accomplishments, because she has won the genetic lottery. She will not give the time of day to someone that does not lavishly spend money on her prior to intimacy or a commitment. Some poor men lack self respect and may be attracted to her absurd entitlement issues just to be in the presence of a beautiful woman. Some men inherit wealth and may feel that the only way to date 9’s and 10’s is to buy their love. I strongly believe the old adage that “a fool and his money are soon parted”.  I have sat down with many men whose divorces have made the public eye. They were targets for these gold diggers that rush to the alter, after a whirlwind sexual relationship that the guy had never experienced before. Let’s take Brad Pitt as an example.  Why would the most handsome man on the planet adopt refugee children with a woman who isn’t even his wife.  If it doesn’t work out, he will pay child support for 18 years on a slew of kids which are not even his. A fool and his money… I am all about an exchange of powers between two consenting adults. Just don’t marry a gold digger and bring kids into the equation. If you are not sure if she is a gold digger, introduce her to a sweet girl and ask the other girl her opinion.  Girls can tell this. If she’s only in it for the money, the other girl will tell you the truth. Another litmus test is what I call ‘the rule of three’. If after you have done three nice things in a row for a girl and she does not reciprocate in any way whatsoever, you probably have a gold digger. Most sweet girls would have baked you cookies,  bought you a card, or shown some appreciation for your gifts, dinners, etc. After 16 years in the executive matchmaking business, I can spot a materialistic girl before the door even closes behind her. Recognize the telltale signs- the conversations are all about her, her needs, and her problems. This should be a red flag and you should turn and walk away.