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Letting Attraction Do the Work at our Elite Dating Service

Tuesday, June 17th, 2014

Having met several stunning model quality women at our elite dating service. We have come to understand that women are completely different from men in terms of how they feel and experience physical attraction.  As men, we must accept this fact. We must learn how to embrace it and also master it. If you think women are attracted to you in the same manner that you are attracted to them, you are far from correct. When a man sees a beautiful, sexy woman, he feels an instant attraction toward her. Women, however, are slow to heat up and that attraction button is triggered by a host of other factors. As the nation’s top elite dating agency, we can coach you on these matters. If you are looking for the best dating agencies, we are one of them.

Advice from Our Dating Agency

After 16 years in the matchmaking field, I have personally interviewed over 20,000 single women. This has taught me many valuable lessons.  For men out there that are not members of Model Quality and going at this process solo, here is my advice: Use your strongest talents to attract a woman. For example, an average looking man approaches a beautiful woman and engages her in conversation. Early on he pulls out his card and says “I would love to have lunch sometime.” She looks down and sees that he is a medical doctor. She will usually say yes since he seems polite and is a single doctor. In this case, he lets his business card do the talking.  As another example, a father is giving his son lots of vocal encouragement on the soccer field. He is outwardly proud, complimentary, and encouraging in front of all the other parents.  A single mom will start to notice this… and him too. He doesn’t have to be wealthy, or exceptionally handsome.  His strength is his excellent parenting. His love and concern toward his son makes him exponentially more appealing to her. Once she sees him in action as a great parent, he can more easily walk up to her after the game and say, “Which lucky child is yours?”

As you can see from these examples, I encourage you to date smart, not hard.  Any man can get the woman of his dreams by approaching her correctly and playing up the strengths he has.  At our agency, our nationwide dating services experts do this for you. We talk about all of your accomplishments, attributes, and strengths in a non-boastful manner unlike other less experienced elite dating services, we have been doing this for two decades now.  That makes your dates always as excited to meet you as you are to meet them.  Remember, there are far more average and unattractive men dating and married to beautiful women than the other way around!  For a woman, it’s about how you make her feel and the person that you are will evoke that passionate feeling more than the way you look. If you know how to use your strengths, body language and communication correctly, you can make a woman feel the same powerful attraction toward you that you feel toward her.