The Three Best Upscale Dating Ideas

Let’s be honest: All dates are not created equal! Some are far better than others—not only because of who you are with, but because of what you are doing when you are with them. Some single rich men go above and beyond in planning dates. They do their research, take care of all the details, and bring a whole new meaning to upscale dating. Others just make a reservation at their go-to neighborhood restaurant. If you want to date beautiful women, don’t even think about the latter. Whether you meet a beautiful woman through a Millionaire matchmaker or in line at the supermarket, you’ve got to put in effort when planning a great date just to compete with all the other affluent single men chasing her. In order to make the best first impressions, consider the three best upscale dating ideas: Upscale Dating Idea # 1Dinner You can’t go wrong with fine dining at a trendy restaurant that has a good reputation and rating. Look for a spot with a romantic view–whether of the water or of a city skyline. Choose a restaurant that is in close proximity to many other great date spots where you could go afterward for dessert or a drink. You’ll want to be in the “right” part of town. For example, downtown spots are usually considered hipper and trendier among New Yorkers. (But if your date lives uptown and she prefers somewhere convenient, choose the best restaurant for upscale dating in her neighborhood.) The ambiance is very important-the place should be quiet enough for conversation over dinner and drinks-but the restaurant must have excellent food too! Pick one that is dimly let over bright and obnoxious. Upscale Dating Idea # 2: Events When you are looking to impress a woman with more than just a meal, know the secret other upscale single men know: Unique events are always the way to go. If you really want to take her on some VIP dates, get admission to exclusive events and parties that attract a high-profile affluent singles and celebrity clientele. Make arrangements so you can cut the line and get one of the best tables in the house. If you aren’t into “the scene” you can try a cultural event like a gallery opening, Broadway play, or concert. If all else fails, you can always go to the Opera. Upscale Dating Idea # 3: Excursions If you want to do something really special and non-traditional that will set you apart from other affluent single men, you can plan an excursion type-date. Such dates are exciting, facilitate chemistry, and always make for a good story; however, they might not make the best first dates if you don’t know the woman well enough. (This is especially true if you are planning an activity that can give her a bit of performance anxiety, involves heights, or deserted areas!) Some ideas for excursions include taking her to an amusement park, on a yacht or cruise, in a jet, or up on a hot air balloon. You should definitely prepare some delicious snacks and meals, as it may be an all-day affair. You can always have a picnic too—with a little wine, cheese, and a comfy blanket! Show her a hidden romantic gem, and sparks will be flying.

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