Top Turnoffs for Women

Just as we men have certain things that make us run for the hills on a date, women also have particular turnoffs. Knowing what turn most women off will help you avoid these mistakes in your dating journey. 1)      Too much Self-Admiration– While women often tell me they want a man who is confident, they do not want a man who spends the evening glorifying himself.  In an effort to impress, too many men are guilty of boasting about their latest achievement or money making venture. She will be much more impressed if you are genuine, make her laugh, and talk about other interests you have outside of work. 2)      Trying to “Fix” rather than listening– Men need to learn that succeeding in a relationship is much easier than they realize. As men, we want to always provide solutions to problems. However, women are emotional beings and often just want to be heard. It takes practice, but if you learn to truly listen to your lady and provide emotional support and empathy for whatever it is she is talking about, you will be on your way to winning her heart. 3)      Talking about the Ex-Wife or Ex-Girlfriend– Women want to know that you are interested in them and emotionally ready for a new relationship. They don’t want to feel that they are competing with your ex or that you have unresolved emotions there. So, if you are still angry at an ex-wife, or a cheating ex-girlfriend, you can almost guarantee that by bringing it up in any way there will be no second date.

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