Valentine’s Tips to Make Her Swoon

Valentine’s Day is when a guy’s affection and compatibility are put to the test. But don’t dread Valentine’s Day for its sappiness, see it as a challenge. This is your chance to surprise her, make her girlfriends jealous, and move beyond the usual halfhearted purchase of chocolates from CVS.

1)   Try  A Love Letter-Two out of five guys will text their loving message on Valentine’s Day and two in ten will send emails. That doesn’t even factor in Facebook and Twitter professions of love. As sweet as you think 140 characters can be, old school letters win every time.  Women want to feel special.  Giving a card designed for the masses or sending a text implies minimal effort.  More than 75% of women say that a heartfelt love letter trumps chocolate and flowers every time. You can get a blank card or take a photo of the two of you and write a message on the back. It doesn’t have to be long, and can even be a quote from a song you both like. In this electronic world we live in, handwriting still holds a certain intimacy.

2)   Avoid Teddy Bears and Balloons– Those things are great if you are in high school. Women’s polls consistently show that those gifts rank among the worst. I’m not suggesting you run to the nearest jeweler.  In fact, depending on where you are in the relationship, extravagant gifts can seem overwhelming. If you’ve just started dating, a big gift can imply more depth to the relationship than there is. Instead, find a simple gift that shows you’ve been listening to her. Maybe buy a DVD she’s wanted, a book by an author she’s mentioned, or even something that she really needs. Thoughtfulness is a huge turn on for women.

3)    Make Plans– More than 50% of men make no V-day plans in advance.  This can be a problem since most women expect guys to map out the evening.  To avoid conflict in a relationship or potential relationship, just make a plan. To women, making plans is a sign of commitment. Putting forethought into your time together suggests you might see a future together. It may sound like a leap, but if you want to see the woman again don’t take this lightly.


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