VIP Dating: Understanding the Differences between Type A & Type B Women

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VIP Dating: Date Model Type A Women

Dating Model (Type A) women will make for a great, independent girlfriend or wife. Type A ladies usually come from solid, close-knit families, have good upbringings, and a strong support system. These are the girls who are straight “A” students in school, involved in many extracurricular activities, and get into top notch colleges. About seventy-five percent of Type A women are using their degrees in their professions. They pursue higher education, and focus on their careers intently. They are responsible women who work regular hours, pay their bills, and rarely stay for a second drink at happy hour. Type A women are independent, smart, and hope to meet a man who respects their brains and beauty. They are classically beautiful and tend to err more on the conservative side when it comes to fashion. Type A women are looking for a traditional relationship. They want to marry, have children, and move into a big house in the suburbs with a white picket fence. They make their own money-usually 50-150K, and they do not need a man for support. They are strictly looking for a sincere relationship based upon love, rather than mild attraction and financially security.

VIP Dating: Date Model Type B Women

Dating Model (Type B) women is really fun and exciting. Type B women are very sought after and a challenge to be in a relationship with. Typically being raised with just the mom or the dad, these woman are the more dependent types. Some have been taking care of themselves since age thirteen. They are usually very social, with tons of best friends, and lots of invitations to parties. Type B women are genetically blessed at youth and are very beautiful and sexy. They parlay their looks into an occupation such as modeling, acting, yoga instructing, personal training, real estate, singing, etc. Only twenty-five percent of Type B women go to college. If you are used to dating models, you know they aren’t always the most practical people. They don’t want to work for twenty dollars an hour, and since their gigs are not steady, they will look to a man for financial help. She typically makes 2500/month but her bills are 3500/month. She relies on a partner to help makeup the difference. To show their appreciation, she will be willing to take care of you, cook gourmet meals, host dinner parties, travel with you, start a family, and be at your beckon call. With a Type B woman you’ll never have a dull moment. You will have a swing from the chandeliers type romance.

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