VIP Matchmaking: What Every Man Must Know About Dating a “10”

So you want to date a “10”, join the club! All men love to date beautiful women, but even the most eligible single millionaires can’t date the most high caliber women if they go at it alone.

Take Steve, a 51 year single executive and real estate developer, for instance.  Before becoming a client of the nation’s most successful millionaire matchmaker, Model Quality Introductions, Steve tried online dating because he didn’t have the time nor interest in meeting women at bars. He found the process frustrating, as the women he was most interested in would take days of weeks to get back to him—if they answered his emails at all. He was particularly interested in Gabriela, a twenty-eight year old fitness model, but she never answered his emails on One of Steve’s single executive friends suggested he try VIP matchmaking instead of wasting his time with online dating sites. Since Steve wanted to save time in his quest to date beautiful women, he decided to sign on with Model Quality Introductions.

He immediately saw the benefit of his investment in VIP Matchmaking for upscale single affluent professionals. This was the best way to start dating model type women, but also maintain his privacy while doing it.  Executive dating, he always felt a bit uncomfortable about the possibility of his colleagues, clients, and competitors, seeing his profile on an online dating site. He liked the confidentiality that upscale dating service provides. He felt comfortable with our VIP matchmaking company that has expertise in working with affluent single men just like him. From the start, it was clear that his matchmaker was intuitive and knowledgeable. She was efficient and skilled at screening women for him. Still, Steve had no idea just how much he’d benefit from his relationship with Model Quality Introductions until about two months in.

To his amazement, this VIP Matchmaking service actually introduced him to his first new girlfriend, Gabriela! He didn’t even realize it was her he was set up with, until he got on the date! Without this millionaire matchmaker, Gabriela wouldn’t have given him the time of day! She had read his emails, but had 300 other single millionaires, some with much better photos than Steve had, pursuing her. Steve’s profile did not stand out to her and she was turned off by the generic sounding email he sent her. Gabriela is a solid 10. Like many 10’s, she simply passed him by, until Model Quality Introductions suggested she have dinner with him. Her matchmaker wholeheartedly recommended that she meet Steve, and she trusted her judgment. She felt very comfortable meeting Steve, as her matchmaker was able to confirm everything about him including his age, height, and career. As the story ends, Gabriela and Steve totally glad that he took the chance.

Moral of the story:  If you want to date a “10”, the competition is fierce, whether you are dating online or offline. To increase your chances of standing out from the single rich men you are competing with, get your own matchmaking cheerleader. Try VIP Matchmaking to meet women efficiently and effortlessly. Call us today at (866) Models-4 and meet beautiful, quality women you desire tomorrow.

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